Friday, January 28, 2011

Boogiedowner Correction on Reiss Street Sign

"The engineer for the Grand Concourse was Louis Aloys Risse. We have a park and street named after him at the northern end of the Concourse at Mosholu Parkway.
Reiss Place was named after George Reiss, a property owner who owned land at the eastern edge of the Botanical Garden.

See "History in Asphalt" by John McNamara."

I promise to get the book mentioned and check street name history for any future posts. I will change the info on the past post as well. Eventhough I do feel somewhat embarrassed, I do love the communication and feedback.


Anonymous said...

So you won't continue to be "embarrised," (should be "embarrassed") consider asking a friend or reader to proofread or using a dictionary or spellcheck. You need some help with punctuation, spelling, and use of correct words. Big boo boo in family post: "centurian" rather than "centenarian." One is a soldier; the other is 100 years old. I think you meant the latter. You have some good stuff. You're probably just in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Ha. I've made the same mistake myself. Wondered if that was the same guy who planned the Grand Boulevard and Concourse. Gotta love the Bronx street names.