Thursday, January 20, 2011

Over and Out

As we're sure you've noticed, posting has been extremely light on the ole BD for the last few months. This is partially due to the fact that after having our second kid there are actually days that we don't get around to checking email, nevermind keeping up with a blog. The other reason we haven't had much time to blog is because we've been busy facilitating a move to Queens.

That's right...the BoogieDowners have left the BoogieDown. There will be some Bronxites who will be sad to see us go, and some others who would have most likely shown up on moving day to cheer as we loaded the truck.

Whatever camp you find yourself in, we're sure you're a bit curious as to why we're leaving the Bronx. The situation is quite simple really...we would like to be closer to family so that we can get a little bit of help as we raise the kiddos. We have family on Long Island, so Queens seems to make sense for us as 1) it is a lot cheaper than most of LI and 2) we won't have to burn up the EZ Pass on the Throgs Neck and Whitestone Bridges quite so much as we currently do.

There have been a few people who have asked us if we'll continue to blog on BoogieDowner once we leave. No, we will no longer be involved with the blog. Many people took issue with the fact that we started a blog about the Bronx when we weren't born and raised here. We cannot begin to imagine the backlash there would be if we were blogging about a borough that we didn't even live in! BoogieDowner will live on though. We have found someone who loves the Bronx just as much as we do who will pick up where we will be leaving off. Enter Gregory Tsougranis, lifelong Bronxite and realtor extraordinaire. Greg has been a dedicated sponsor and longtime supporter of BoogieDowner. So look for some style changes on the ole BD, but the mission shall remain the same: to be an honest and optimistic forum for Bronx discussion, cheerleading, and information.

So, in closing, here are a few things we will miss, and some we will not, about life in the BoogieDown:

We'll miss...
--The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx Zoo, Arthur Avenue, Mosholu Parkway, City Island, and a host of other great areas of the Bronx that we frequented often with the kids.
-- The hard-working community leaders that make Bedford Park one of the best hidden secrets in the Bronx -- Barbara Stronczer and the awesome members of the Bedford Mosholu Community Assocation and Fernando Tirado, District Manager of CB7.
-- Patty B.
-- Our building. With the exception of one notable disgraced ex-Senator, Bainbridge House is home to a bunch of good eggs.
-- Great neighbors like the Von Shuffs.

We will NOT miss...
-- The non-profit mafia group-think of the Northwest Bronx.
-- Taking the Major Deegan and Bronx River Parkway to access the wide variety of fresh, affordable groceries that is available in Westchester, but absent in the Bronx.
-- Dog poop.
-- Answering to lunatics like Anthony Rivieccio.

Let the love and hate comments begin...

and out,
ErLu, The BoogieDowners


David Gonzalez said...

You got a lifetime pass. Besides, there's always Fordham alumni events, no?
Vaya con Dios.

Tony Perez Cassino said...

you left the place a little better than when you arrived. Thanks for the activism and contribution--wish you and your family all the best. Tony

Jack said...

Well -- I'm probably someone who is far too infected with the "non-profit mafia group-think of the Northwest Bronx". I'd like to think that over time you'd come see it really does not exist as you perceive it -- only some honest disagreement between good people. (and perhaps 1 or 2 not so nice people who annoy everyone.)

I've enjoyed and your blog and certainly appreciate the effort you put into it. The internet is littered with blogs that flamed out in weeks or months. Your run was extraordinary.

Special appreciation for your part in exposing the arrogant, lawless, do-nothing fraud that was Sen. Pedro Espada. How can we ever forget those photos you ran of Pedro's car blocking a hydrant outside Bainbridge House?

Best of luck in Queens (you will be closer to Citi-Field which will host the best team in baseball 9 times this year!) Please come back and bring the kids to the unicorn farm in a few years. It is going be grand!

The Mayor of Melrose said...

I would like to express a big Welcome2Melrose THANK YOU to "ErLu" for providing the best blog on The Bronx ever. You guys will be missed big time. You were also my inspiration to start my own blog and I cherish all that you have done to help me out as well.

The "Mayor" of Melrose

Greg said...

Hi Guys,
Good luck with the move. I hope you find your home in Queens as satisfying as you found your home in the Bronx. I really enjoyed the work you did here, and benefited from a few of the tips. You should come back for a special event; maybe when the Zoo holds it's fund raising 5K this Spring.
Best Wishes,

paperpest said...

Good luck! I moved from Queens to the Bronx. Lots to like in both boroughs.

Anonymous said...

I'll miss your info on goings on in the Bronx but not your attacks on individuals. People have feelings. If you don't like someone, keep it between you and that person. Ruining someone's good name is not the way to make any neighborhood, borough, city, etc. better. Those are bully tactics. Educated adults should be held to a higher standard. So should parents of young children. And graduates of a Catholic college.
Dissipate your hubris in your new hometown.

Anonymous said...

Good for you guys! I can't stand the poop in the Bronx either! After a while you become desensitized to it and come to think of it as normal, but it's NOT! As a former LI'der who has just moved to the Bronx, after little over a year I am ready to call it quits too. I do think the Bedford Park area is a great little niche of the Bronx, and I'm glad I chose it, but I agree with the tolls and there's a host of other negatives I don't need to get into. Enjoy Queens!

Anonymous said...

Anthony and Desiree and all the others you've vented your vitriol on will not miss you. Hope Greg will keep the blog free of personal attacks.

The Mayor of Melrose said...

Oh please...those individuals who received attacks are wretched individuals who obviously live to make people miserable. The boogiedowners spoke their mind and i applaud them for that. No need to sugarcoat anything.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck!! This blog was and will continue be in my daily reads!!

Guywithacause said...

Take care Boogiedowners...and maybe you will return..sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

Complimenting people by name is fine. Insulting them is not. Golden Rule??? Human decency??? Defamation of character???
Set an example for the "kiddos."

iKNOWthatsRIGHT said...

I just found this site and now you're leaving it. I'm glad that you atleast found someone to take over because I was going to volunteer myself. I usually have to much to say and always find a lot to bring to people's attention. Well I will stay and continue to comment on stories and pick fights with anyone who does not agree with me. Good luck in Queens.

Ryan said...

I'm very sorry to see you go! I've always appreciated your blog.


Anonymous said...

Are you guys hiring? Bx Joel

Anonymous said...

Wow. This blog has hit rock bottom. Unless you like reading press releases from local politicos or hearing repeated, unashamed self-promotion on a daily basis, there's just no reason to bother with the BoogieDowner anymore.

So sad.