Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Bronxite - Sara Maxwell

Everyone please welcome new Bronxite Ms. Sara Maxwell. She moved into one of the great art deco buildings we have in the Bronx located at 55 E 190th. The photo is of her by her window in her new co-op unit. She decided to move here during her golden years due to the value and proximity to her life long friends on the upper West Side. She is a spunky woman full of life. When I called the other day to see how she was doing she was in great spirits and said "I love it, I love the colors, the life, the people". The first spots she wants to visit are the Botanical Gardens, Wave Hill and Arthur Ave. Any suggestions on which restaurants on Arthur Ave to hit first? In addition, she is looking for a part time job to meet and help other people. She has a long resume as a social worker; that is unless any wealthy single man is looking for a spunky woman with zest and personality to spoil. On a more serious note please do e-mail me if you do have a need for a part time worker so I can forward to Sara.

This photo is of the mural in the 55 E 190th building. Many of the great art-deco buildings in the Bronx were inspired by the colors, art and shapes of the Aztec empire. Much like Greece and Rome were an inspiration to Greco-Roman inspired architecture the Aztec empire's influences were common amongst many Bronx architects as evident in this mural.

55 E 190th also sports a great lobby. The elevator even has music playing for the riders enjoyment. I love to see peoples reactions when they first see the gems we have available in the Bronx.


Anonymous said...

Arthur Avenue best bets:
1. Bakery for pastry - Artuso's (187th Street)
2. Bakery for bread - Terranova (187 th Street, opposite Artuso's)
3. Deli - Joe's (187th Street, opposite Artuso's)
4. Light Lunch and/or Italian specialties - Tino's (Arthur Avenue, north side of 187th Street)
5. Lunch - Emilia's (Arthur Avenue, opposite the market)- daily $11.95 specials. Best there is!
6. Produce - Modern Supermarket (Arthur Avenue) - follow the firemen!

Guywithacause said...

Great article..and much of the housing stock along the Grand Concourse really is grand, historic and special. It's great that you are featuring a new Bronx resident, and its great that you know of many residents moving into the Bronx and will likely be featuring them too.

How about also featuring those who are locals too, of all ages? This would help put more of a stamp on what the Bronx is about, and why people choose to stay. I suspect the realtor in you will be giving a very rosey picture of the Bronx, and since we need all the good press we can get I think that's great. Let's hear from newbies and locals from all walks of life and neighborhoods.

Boogiedowner said...

It that's an invitation send me a private e-mail with your # and we will set it up. The e-mail is at the top of the web site.