Monday, September 27, 2010

Bragging Rights?

An interesting post over on "We live in the Bronx, but" suggests that the Bronx deserves some positive self-promotion, ala Brooklyn's "Brooklyn: Believe the Hype" marketing signage. The anon blogger has even gone so far as to write a letter with marketing recommendations to Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.'s office. Click here to check it out. So far, "We live in the Bronx, but" has not gotten even a form response from the Beep's office.

Maybe if the letter recommended signage that said, "The notion that any job is better than no job no longer applies," the blogger would have had better luck getting a response from Diaz's office. Hey Ruben, how's that Kingsbridge Armory task force coming along? Any luck moving that unicorn factory along?

How in the world did I manage to link a post about marketing the Bronx to the epic failure of the redevelopment of the Kingsbridge Armory? What's wrong with me - why can't I just let go of the Shops at the Kingsbridge Armory idea? Maybe it's because of this story I recently read in the New York Post (I know, usually we don't really take anything from the Post seriously, but this well-informed piece was written by Candice Giove, who produces great Bronx work for the Village Voice and Riverdale Review):

Bronx cheerless: 320 applicants for 35 jobs in NYC's borough of 13% unemployment

I wonder if the 320 job applicants (many of whom are facing the prospect of soon-to-be-terminated unemployment benefits) who waited over two hours to be interviewed for 35 $8/hour,no benefit jobs at the Gateway Center's new Sketchers store would agree with Beep Ruben Diaz Jr. that "the notion that any job is better than no job no longer applies?"

Diaz's office should be better at responding to the needs of Bronx residents...whether it be by working to repair the badly damaged image of the borough (or at least responding to a letter with marketing suggestions), or finding ways to create JOBS for the huge number of Bronxites that are struggling to find work.



Margaretbx said...

Yes, lots of people will show up to apply for a low-wage job. And if they get it, they will be better off, but they will still be poor. Look at the bigger picture: Stella D'Oro management close the factory, and are quoted complaining that their experienced bakers make more than the cashiers at RiteAid across the street (go figure). Good jobs disappear, and bad jobs arrive. That won't create a market of customers for Shops at Anything.

I could go on, but I have work to do, and perhaps sometimes, Erin and Lu, we will talk about this over beer at the Ale House or Jolly Tinker and make more progress in understanding each other.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let me get you drunk so I can explain my point of view to you and get you to agree!

Gregory Lobo Jost said...

Have you guys heard of the "Yes, the Bronx!" people?

Anonymous said...

Might have to be drunk to think that workers can get paid when there are fewer jobs.

You know, supply and demand. More jobs means more competition for workers, means higher wages.

Tell me what Morton Williams is paying right now?

Anonymous said...

Ever consider sobriety, objectivity, and charity in discussing issues, especially those that deal with the poor - employed or unemployed? Or even better yet, ask them how they feel about issues that affect them.
But don't invite them to the Ale House. They can't afford it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic.....Speaking of jobs, Yahoo just reported today in it's finance section that Bronx, NY has experienced the "2nd Biggest Increase in Employment" in the nation.....right after Brooklyn, NY.

Anonymous said...

What good work did Ms. Giove do at the Review?

Haile Rivera said...

This is why I love the BoogieDowner: they do not take sides.

I can not believe that we are saying now to folks who are desperate and looking for jobs, especially here in our borough, that unless the job pays a "living wage", there are no jobs. Are they serious? Obviously, those individuals do not know what is like to be unemployed and have no money to put food on their table.

If we have a problem with the federal minimum wage, then let's take that fight to our local reps at the federal level (Congressman Engel, Serrano and Senators Schumer and Gillibrand). Let's stop messing with the livelihood of the community. Ask someone who is unemployed if they would take a job that pays $7.25 an hour vs no job. ASK THEM!

I personally believe that this was a missed opportunity and one which we, the residents of the Northwest Bronx, desperately needed. And while I am all for paying folks a "living wage", I must say that the fact that the two sides, moreso the folks from our Bronx, could not come to an agreement with the City, was very disappointing.

What did they accomplish? NOTHING! The Armory remains vacant, no construction jobs and no jobs for the community. Not sure if to say thanks or no thanks! What a missed opportunity! I guess this is something they should be proud of. Wonder why the community looses faith in most politicians.

Jack said...

Mr. Rivera, you like Boogie Downer because they do not take sides? What the heck are you talking about? They pretty clearly are taking a side on this issue and have for a long time. They "take sides" all the time. For example, they have been pretty clearly on the opposite side of your current boss, soon-to-be-former State Senator Espada.

You seem to like to take all sides -- first you were going to run against Pedro (remember this quote from 2009: “What Senator Espada has done will not, and must not, be forgiven. He will have an election next year and I will do whatever I can to elect a REAL DEMOCRAT.”) A few months later you end up on this fake Democrat's staff.

Now you are against local community advocates for a living wage, but not too long ago you were holding their banner (see this link below which is a picture of you literally holding KARA's banner -- did you not realize what KARA stood for?)

People can certainly change their minds -- but I honestly wonder if you stand for anything other than self-promotion.

Anonymous said...

Beginning to wonder if the person who has been posting here is a fake Haile Rivera...

For the sake of sanity in the world, I sure hope so!

Anonymous said...

The more I think about Rubencito, the more sickened I become. He is a damned imbecile.

Anonymous said...

uh, yeah,Haile...Pedro Espada and his boy had some fake janitorial training program scheme going and they were paying poor "trainees" $1.77 per hour...this scheme is being investigated by the FEDS now.

The things the local Non-Profits get away with in this borough are EGREGIOUS.

Espada has close ties to Don Bluestone of the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center who also pays slave wages to at-risk Bronx Youth...$1.78 per hour for camp jobs. Wonder how much Bluestone makes at his nifty non-profit...wonder if it hovers around the same as Espada at the Soundview Health Clinic he is running into the ground.

Wolves in sheeps clothing are running amuck in the Bronx. Once we get rid of the corrupt politicians and their non-profit scamming friends I believe we might see an improvement.

Minimum wage paying jobs are good for high school and college students...I can understand why adults with families would gag...but you've got to start somewhere once you have hit rock bottom.

weegmc said...

I second the Yes! The Bronx comment. The Borough lacks any marketing campaign and yet this effort has been ignored by the Pols. Sort of disgraceful.