Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Thoughts on the Ousting of Pedro

Much of the Bronx is breathing a huge sigh of relief today and hoping for good things to come as Pedro is on his way out and Gustavo Rivera is (most likely) on his way in.

A BD Reader sent in the following points, and we couldn't agree more with each of them:
Well, what a morning! I was excited to be voting in my first real competitive race ever (let's face it, most national and state elections are not really like this around here) and happy for the result.

Just a few quick thoughts-
1. The only person who actually grew up in the 33rd, went to school here, and still lives here was Padernacht. It's a bit sad when truly local residents are kind of brushed aside in favor of people whose ties to the community are not as strong...I am not suggesting he would have won by a long shot, but I hope races like this encourage more local persons to take a stand. Gustavo is a very nice guy, but I know of NO ONE who had even met him until November and even then, he seemed like a long shot because, well, NO ONE HAD EVER HEARD OF HIM. He had not been involved in any local races, was not present on the Armory issue, was not at any local community board meetings, school meetings, etc. So I think we all felt a little surprised when he appeared.

2. is a huge factor. If Rivera did not have the New Roosevelts, would we have this result? Pedro has oodles of illegal gained cash on hand but Samuels (an upstater!) pledged a quarter of a million to this race. So, if you are say a local person, want to run, and hold a few rubber chicken dinner's around the neighborhood, do you get in? It seems the answer is no.

In the end though, this was way way more about rejecting Pedro than Rivera (similar to how Obama won...he was not Bush!). Good luck to him, I think he will do fine and we can return to the real work of the Bronx-smart development, better funded schools, and the creation of jobs and housing that make it an attractive place again.

The Bronx truly lived up to its motto last night-Ne Cede Malis (Do NOT GIVE WAY TO EVIL).
Nicely put, BD Reader!



Anonymous said...

while one would not argue with the previous blogger, lets REALLY REMEMBER that it was the courage of the 1ST elected offical Oliver Koppell, FED UP NORTHERN BRONX DEMOCRATS in Bedford Park & Norwood along with help from "YES" outside and YES Inside Union Residents...that did the job


BUT THE RESIDENTS OF BEDFORD PARK, NORWOOD, KINGSBRIDGE, The NorthWest Bronx Democrats, Desiree Pilgrim Hunter Yorman Nunez, Doug Cunningham, Margret Groake, George Diaz, Sallie Caldwell, Chris Padilla, Jeffiner Jones, Anthony Rivieccio AND MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY RESIDENTS THAT HAVE THANK GOD LIBERATED THEMSELVES

The New Bronx Democratic Party Machine............................................................indeed?????...LOL

Anonymous said...

Anthony, did you really think that by posting anonymously we wouldn't know that it was indeed you leaving a comment CONGRATULATING YOURSELF for Espada's ousting?

Stop spamming the Bronx blogs with your rambling and often incoherent thoughts!

Anonymous said...

The BD Reader couldn't be more right.

Anonymous said...

I mostly agree, but have some reservations with the statement that seems to suggest that people who "grew up... went to school here" are the "truly local residents" who should be seen as more legitimate members of our community.

Hopefully that's not what BD Reader meant to suggest, because that type of sentiment is alienating to hard-working immigrants and hard-working American migrants alike, who all find a home and contribute to the great diversity and strength of The Bronx.

Sometimes a person who actually made a deliberate choice to live here could actually be more of a "truly local resident" than someone who has always been here and doesn't have any experience to know what makes their neighborhood special.

There is a place for everyone. Let's value them for their interest, dedication, and hard work, rather than their birthplace.

Margaretbx said...

I'm assuming the first anonymous commenter is Anthony. I don't know why he is using my name, but I disassociate myself from his remarks.

Franck LaBoy said...

I congratulate Mr. Gustavo Rivera on his victory, and I wish him much success in his endeavors. I hope his victory will spur more local residents to get involved in the political process. We must all come together for the greater good and leave behind the animosities and the divisiveness. Mr. Rivera is our next Senator for the 33rd District.

I wish to remind Senator Espada's vociferous detractors that he has not been charged with any crime. In April, 2010 Senator Espada was sued in Civil Court by a person who knows he will not have to answer the suit personally. The suggestion that his campaign funds are "illegal" is an unfortunate leap of bad faith and frankly not true! Over time, Senator Espada will be vindicated from the onslaught of adverse publicity and demonization heaped on his name. Senator Espada will move on and as Constitutionally mandated, will finish his term on December 31, 2010. All of us should, from here on in, root for Senator elect Gustavo Rivera's success.

Anonymous said...

Espada's campaign funds may not have been "illegal."

But it was nothing but a lie when he attacked Rivera knowing full well just how much of his own funding came from interests outside our district.

But then again, Espada probably was illegally paying his campaign workers on the State's payroll. Or was he just coercing his entire staff to work for free, Frankie?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. LaBoy should start thinking about his long term prospects. Trying to find some spin to somehow make Espada look good, or at least not as bad, can't do him any good anymore.

Maybe Mr. LaBoy will finally get smart, although working for Espada all this time makes me think that probably isn't possible. But if he does get smart, what he ought to do is meet with Schneiderman.

Maybe if he testifies against Espada, he'll keep himself out of prison for all the campaign violations in this race.

Haile Rivera said...

While I respect the wishes of the voters, I continue to be against ANY outsiders coming in and saying he/she is running for office when we have MANY folks who are known in the community. If you analyze the last folks who have been elected, particularly in the Northwest Bronx, they were folks who only came out when they announced they were running for the seats. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!

While I wish Gustavo the best in the Senate, I am more curious as to how much is Bill Samuels and his New Roosevelt Institute are donating to organizations in our community. We know the answer: $0. Heck, I'll be surprised if they walk our streets/neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but Haile Rivera has ZERO credibility on this issue after campaigning for Senator Espada, who does not live in the district and really has no ties to any of the grassroots community groups in our neighborhoods.

Where was Haile's concerns about this issue when he was taking paychecks for working on Espada's campaign, with money that primarily came from real estate interests based outside our community? Oh, I forgot... he did all THAT work for free.

He just took paychecks from us taxpayers while he was working on the misleading campaign literature for Espada, which was paid for by the outside real estate interests.

If you're really interested, Haile, why don't you do a little research and get back to us with an answer on how much the real estate interests who bankrolled Espada's campaign take OUT of our community? Then, and only then, do you have any credibility on this topic!

Boogiedowner said...

Haile, it is laughable that you can say you are against "any outsiders coming in" and running for office when Pedro Espada lives in Mamaroneck.

Franck LaBoy said...

On September 17, 2010 Anonymous suggested I talk with Scneiderman about outgoing Senator Pedro Espada, Jr. If I ever meet up with Mr. Schneiderman it will be to say "hello" and wish him well. I need not dignify the suggestion that I 'testify against stay out of jail..." because I do not need to criminalize the innocent or anyone who works for a public official, even if one has worked for an unpopular state senator like Espada. Mr. Espada has done nothing wrong or illegal, and slander along with hyperbole is not Law. In this state, they will indict a ham sandwich just to get headlines. I will not be surprised if the Bronx DA, the State or the Feds come down with sham indictments versus Mr. Espada in September-October, 2011. If that scenario presents itself- Mr. Espada will be vindicated at the end of everything. As this might pertain to anyone, myself included, who worked for Mr. Espada- I am not concerned. My conscience is clear and at peace. I have done nothing wrong that warrants being targeted for criminalization, and it is truly unfortunate that someone who does not know me, can use their free speech rights to criminalize me, and disparage me in this medium. My heart is at peace regardless of the slurs directed at me. I pray for Anonymous, and I pity him/her. Have a wonderful holiday, dear readers.
God loves you all.
Franck LaBoy, Former Press secretary to Senator Espada