Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ABC 7 Clip on the 33rd Race


anthony rivieccio said...

i want to thank you for that clip. working all day i have not yet checked the evening news so seeing that on your blog was a pleasant site.

Erin & Lou, let me thank you for all you do, although, by your own admission new to our Area. Keeping up (and promoting) with the wonderful real estate and open space properties are just wonderful.
East 201st for example owes boogiedowner a debt for promoting al;l of the lovely victorian houses that "recently" made a FULL COVER SPREADING in The NY Daily News.

For your newly humble beginnings, boogiedowner is doing a great job.

But please do not think that longevity does not mean anything in this neighborhood or to its residents and neighbors.

Myself, for example, living here for 30 years, I attended Herbert Lehman. while there, heavily involved in both the local "inside" and "outside" the college ground politics to assist in creating "The Straphangers Campaign". Many of The NYPIRG Founders in the 80s will tell you some of its birth happened on Kingsbridge Road.

Later on, while starting (now 15 yrs old) a financial service firm in Bedford park I assisted in many local park cleanups, became president of Bedford Park Merchant Association (2001) 204th St/Bainbridge ave Merchant association (2002-2007) Member of Community Board 7 (2004-)Director of The Children's Collective-the only child abuse center in The North Bronx-right in MS 80, styarting in 2005.

And while I will stop here ( I could go on) the point here, is that while you are right---progress makes for developed change---please remember---us oldtimers do not want to be in charge (Been there-done that) -all we want to do is to, at times, allow us to guide you through the wonderful history of this area-history sound enough-that maybe- we can all enjoy todays progress while preserving basdic tenatsof the past. Generally, as you know, I am referring to the elements of Mosholu Parkway but specifically, your blog---is GREAT


that was gracious and lovely of you Mr. Rivieccio...especially considering the response ErLu issued to one of your comments last week in which he or she referred to you as illiterate. They are college grads you know; Fordham U - I believe - so they've earned the right to talk down to folks when they are keyboard challenged.

I, too, am a lifelong resident of the Bronx. I appreciate your history and am very proud of your accomplishments.

While not all of us may have moved here in search of investment properties, we sure do love our neighborhoods no matter how run down or corrupt politician broken they are...

Anonymous said...

Ughh. The insider-outsider, newcomer-lifelonger thing is so tired. Get a gripe people. This clip had nothing to do with Mr. Rivieccio's list of groups, nor the college degrees of the writers of this blog.

Anonymous said...

I think the commenters did have "a gripe" or actually gripes. It would be nice if they both got a grip.

Anonymous said...

Both Erlu and AR are hotheads. College should have taught both to be level headed, even tempered, objective, and respectful - for the good of the entire BD.
Now shake hands children and be nice to each other. It's a new school year.
Spend your energy getting the 33rd to see thru Espada and vote him out. Then the Bronx will be a better place for the old and new residents.

Anonymous said...

Oh gawd! No wonder why the Bronx is such a hole! New people are not allowed to move in and help promote the area. Yes, only old people who are illiterate can help the area. Also, don't let me forget that voting Espada out will end all of the Bronx problems. Yeah... continue to throw your trash on the ground, chase out economic development, and allow your children to treat education as an entitlement -- that will show those educated newcomers who is in charge (oh wait, maybe I should misspell this entry so I can be accepted by friendly, Bronx dwellers)!

paperpest said...

I just passed Padernacht's office on Sedgwick and he still has the banner advertising Padernacht for State Senate up.