Thursday, September 9, 2010

Espada Campaign Scammers Playing Knock-Knock

So the missus just answered the door while I was tucking the big sister into bed.

Mind you that it was the door to our apartment and not the main entrance buzzer (i.e. these clowns were already in the building). The people on the other side of the door knew our names and claimed to be from the Board of Elections. They were interested if we were going to vote in the upcoming 33rd district primary. They then began to give the missus Espada campaign literature.

My wife asked, "So you're not really from the Board of Elections? You're working for Espada's campaign?" The response was a cryptic, "Well, we're from the Senate, so we have to say 'Board of Elections.'"

Before they left they requested our phone numbers. When the missus refused they said, "They make us ask for this information; it's how they confirm we were here." Of course, the missus refused and they left, but how many of our neighbors gave up the info? Hopefully not many.

This is wrong (illegal) on so many levels. Please go and vote on September 14th against the utter scumbag. I'm not a rah-rah Gustavo guy, but I'd vote for Mitch McConnell over Pedro.



Anonymous said...

I met them on the way to 4B. Someone told them that they could count on votes from the residents there.
Made my day!

Anonymous said...

I got a knock from some rude union people from rivera, they should stop this all together

Anonymous said...

Is it legal to ask for signatures, phone #s, etc. before an election? What will that info be used for?

anthony rivieccio said...

wowwwwwwwwwwww....thats funny unbelieveable and sad.

but would rather vote for "Grandpa Lewis" instead of Mitch (or Gustavo or, while he was alive i think he lived closer to our community than the both of

Anonymous said...

By the way Mr. Rivieccio when are you going to take down that false quote you have me saying?
I never said it, and you are writing fiction.
You know who this is.

Anonymous said...

You are never required to give out this info

But there is nothing wrong with anyone asking for information

There is something wrong with someone asking under false pretences as in while pretending to representing someone they're not