Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Castle Price Chop in Bedford Park

308 E. 201st Street, 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathrooms - $559K

We featured this when it first went on the market at $599K (and Curbed made fun of us for doing so).
In any case, it's big and cool-looking and has serious parking (for 10 cars). And now you can scoop it up for $40K less! (Although, methinks this won't be the last chop...)




paperpest said...

This apartment
is now off market. It was mentioned on the BD.

Anonymous said...

Hey, BD. Are you going to post your apartment on the listing of the day next? Where are you moving to?

anthony rivieccio said...

wonderfully sad. A Beautiful home-------a mainstay in the up for sale.....AND LOWER IN PRICE THAN BEFORE---Wow, we are in a recession

lets hope that this does not become a product of what is happining here lately; a wonderful home, once located on 201 & Decatur, a beautiful 100 yr old home.....sold 2 yrs ago.....picked up by developers....and made in to a 3 family townhouse (in 6 months) to now, 2 yrs later, now have 3 NEW & LARGE FAMILIES on East 201 instead of 1 and I guess its ok with them if they have graffitti on the sides of their NEW Wall or decide to BBQ in front of there doorstep----ON THE SIDEWALK--SINCE THEY HAVE NO BACKYARD. OR WHAT THE HELL--LETS JOIN THE OTHER NEW RESIDENTS-AND BBQ ON THE MOSHOLU PARKWAY.


Anonymous said...

What about the disgusting house on Valentine and 201? At least the developers that bought the place on Decatur and 201 actually built something of use. The one on Valentine is horrendous. It was bought to only be in decay because they ran out of money to do something with it. Now that's up for sale and no one wants it. And the sidewalk around it is full of filth and feces. A shame.

anthony rivieccio said...

YOUR RIGHT-IM WRONG. The Place on Valentine & 201...(which at one time was like a mini-palace--is now--some say---a deserted home for sexual interaction....