Saturday, September 11, 2010

Senator Espada Feeling "Very, Very Good" About Tuesday

We were just coming back from a walk to New York Botanical Garden to see the newly renovated Snuff Mill (or Stone Mill, as they are now calling it), and we bumped into Senator Espada by the mailboxes of our building.

He was looking especially smurfish in his favorite khaki "Kim Jong Il" leisure wear (as one BxNN commenter recently referred to it), and seemed a bit sheepish/distant/aloof - maybe actually being in the Bronx so much lately to campaign is beginning to stress him out. I think bucolic Mamaroneck is probably a lot quieter and peaceful than the good ol' BoogieDown.

We asked Senator Espada how he was feeling about Tuesday, and he mumbled quietly, "Very, very good." Although Pedro's words seem confident, his demeanor did not. He avoided eye contact by looking down at his keys and seemed much more intent on just getting his mail and getting the hell out of here than glad-handing or in any way working for our vote.

We didn't stick around to see if he received the Gustavo Rivera mailer that we received today which featured out favorite photo of him (below), which was taken by John DeSio, Village Voice reporter cum Ruben Diaz Jr. flack.
Anyway, can't wait for this primary to be over and done with with hopefully favorable results for Rivera. We're really, really sick of all the flyers, mailers, and volunteer door knockers associated with this heated race. A Rivera volunteer just buzzed our door and woke Pearl up from a much-needed nap - DISLIKE.



gremlin 23 said...

want to know the real enemies of reform:

Imagine; Ricky Martinez, Robert Press and Haile Rivera NOT supporting Gustavo Rivera in a time of well heeded community need?

The Real Heroes of Bronx Reform for their communities? Sebastan Ulagma, Charlie Ramos and Gustavo Rivera

Get involved in their campaigns now at:

Anonymous said...

Gremlin 23 better known as Anthony Rivieccio one question. Did you take your medication today?

anthony rivieccio said...

well lets see...that would either be robert press or richard soto. richard brings me the meds from THE EAST SIDE and Robert from Riverdale...LOL

no gentleman..noy be but the gremlins...i always use my name nuttttttttt

i got hit this AM.

Knock knock-Board of Elections. How can I help you?
We need your name and number to confirm if your going to vote for Pedro Espada.
I did not know The Board of Elections does this?
Oh we want to see how many Espada fans are out there

I dont know if its gall I was looking at---or Democracy gone haywire