Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Select Bus Service Stinks

Well, at least that's what the merchants along E. Fordham Road who have seen a downturn in business are saying...

According to Daily News' Tanyanika Samuels, the usually jam-packed commercial strip is suffering due to the parking restrictions that have been put in place to accommodate the Select Bus Service which has replaced the Bx12 Limited.

Officials are saying that the new select service has shaved a whopping 5 minutes off commute times. BoogieDowner asks: Is 5 minutes really worth running the risk of businesses (who are already dealing with majorly depressing economic realities) closing up shop?


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Anonymous said...

The select bus service is great, period. From what I understand, the city is going to put meters on the side streets so that more spaces will be available. But let's face it -- the real issue is double parking. People can't double park on Fordham Road anymore with the select bus service. While that might be bad for the merchants, it's good for the local residents as those idling cars create a lot of pollution. So drivers, get your butts out of your vehicles and walk already!