Friday, October 10, 2008

Grazie, Giancarlo!

This past weekend I had a hankering for some good Italian food so off I went with my friend Isabelle to Little Italy - the one in the Bronx, that is (and whom many say is far superior to the one in Manhattan. I'm just saying...) We had a great day walking around cappuccino tasting in various cafes and bakeries and stocking up on items from Europe that are such TREATS to find stocked on Bronx shelves! We also stumbled into Tino's Delicatessen and were warmly greeted by the owner Giancarlo Pacuillo and his lovely wife Rosa (both originally from Salerno, as their charming accents can attest) and whose establishment feels more like a comfy Tuscan home than the deli and catering company that it is. We ordered some fresh and delicious sandwiches that, between $5 and $7, were a great value. (I wanted to try either the Godfather or the Godmother just for the story, but ended up with a much smaller and more manageable vegetarian Caprese. There's something about fresh basil that gets me everytime!) We sat with other diners on a huge communal farmhouse table, enjoyed the aroma's coming from the freshly cut meats and cheeses and had a grand old time people watching patrons coming in for their weekend shopping. And before we left, we filled up our bags with some tasty items from their amply stocked store - sundried tomatoes, olives and various cheeses. The only (and I mean ONLY) thing that disappointed little ole me was the many signed Bush photos on the mantel. (Ugh!) BUT as he also had The Pope and Anthony Hopkins there as well (this guy is connected!) I figured redemption was indeed possible so I just turned my back on the W. so as not to spoil my meal and I was good to go!

So, the next time you want some European charm, head down Fordham Road to Arthur Avenue where you will not only find Tino's but a bunch of other culinary treats. You can either spend a whole afternoon or evening there in the many restaurants, bars and bakeries or you can fill up on picnic supplies from all the great speciality shops before heading out to, say, the zoo or the gardens. Bon appetit!

~Simone Davis

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Daniel said...

You forgot to mention Tino's wonderful and amazing BALSAMIC CHICKEN! You can get it alone or get it on a hero roll-- either way it may change your life a little bit.