Thursday, October 9, 2008

The DIrty "G" Word

BoogieDowner continues to get new comments of last week's The Dirty "G" Word post about gentrification. Here's the latest from an anonymous poster:

as a young, white, teacher living in the bronx, i have struggled with these issues. on one hand, i love living in the bronx, not only for its incredible affordability,but because all of the different cultures i am exposed to on a daily basis. things here are so vibrant and unpretentious. i like challenging and crossing racial barriers by living here, but on the other hand... i sometimes wonder if my presence as a white person in an overwhelmingly non-white neighborhood is somehow perceived as a threat? am i supposed to just move to williamsburg to live with trust fund hipsters just because im a young white college grad?
as the perception of the bronx improves, and dare i say, if the bronx actually reaches the point where it is considered a desirable place to live... is it inevitable that it will become "white washed" or yuppified?
can eddie explain more about this integrating sort of gentrification he has mentioned?

Here's the comment from Eddie which this anonymous poster is referring to:

"Syd, you need a major grip on reality. As an educated white latino from Melrose, I am deeply offended by your statements. I live in what is known as the poorest of the districts of the United States and we here are experiencing billions of dollars in real estate and development which is NOT pushing out the poor but is currently successfully integrating the existing populations with the new comers purchasing the condos. You should come here to Melrose and see what gentrification is all about in the bronx. that's why we are more successful at it than the other boroughs for we're not alienating others who already live here but are welcoming them to join in." [Eddie, BoogieDowner reader]

This topic clearly seems to be on people's minds, so it's great to have a running dialogue going on about it. Eddie, are you out there? Can you give us more details about the current revitalization that's happening in Melrose?


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Anonymous said...

I used to live in the Melrose area in the late 80 through the 90s and it was a very very rough neighborhood. However, now when I pass by I see how the Melrose has changed for the better. I agree with Eddie.