Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bronxites Get Shit End of the Stick

Staten Island Advance is running an Associated Press article by Marcus Franklin detailing the steps being taken to reduce stinkiness coming from New York Organic Fertilizer Co., a sewage-treatment plant in Hunts Point which transforms sewage into fertilizer pellets.

The plant runs the risk of not getting its permit renewed unless significant measures are taken to control the air pollution it is creating. One such measure is installing an air pressure alarm which would keep odors from wafting through the South Bronx.

To make matters worse, there is a city-run sewage treatment plant close by which processes the poopie of about 600,000 New Yorkers... Naturally, this one stinks as well.

Concerned residents have banded together to sue both New York Organic Fertilizer Co., as well as the city-run plant for messing with their quality of life and creating health problems.
More here by New York Times' Sewell Chan.
*Photo courtesy of flickr/2kjb*

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