Thursday, September 11, 2008

Listing of the Day: Cheapest 3 Bedroom in the CIty

E 185th Street, 3 Bedrooms $1600/mo.

With a newly renovated kitchen, this apartment looks like the steal of the century.

Little Italy to the north, still close to the Zoo and Botanical Garden, and the B/D at 183rd Street.
If you are a struggling artist, young teacher or a non-parent subsidized person trying to make it in New York, why not triple up in this place and pay only $534/month?

Very brief Listing of the Day, but three bedrooms at $1600/mo. speak for themselves.

Even I, BoogieDowner itself, cheerleader of cheerleaders, Bronx lover of Bronx lovers, borough crush holder of borough crush holders, listing scavenger of listing scavengers, am surprised, nay stultified, that one can procure a 3 bedroom apartment for $1600 in the Bronx. And a 3 bedroom with cherry wood kitchen cabinets at that! Wow...


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