Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sears and Applebees Part of Fordham Road Surge

Lore Crogan of the Daily News reported that the newly renovated Sears building (which will have 14-stories of top-tier class-A office space right across from Metro North) at Fordham Plaza is just the start to the influx of dollars to the Fordham Road shopping area.

In addition to the new-look of the Sears building, the Bronx will get it's 4th (and biggest) Applebee's. Not sure why an Applebee's in Bed Stuy made a little buzz on Curbed , and this Applebee's gets nary a mention. BoogieDowner thinks that Applebee's will do well there. Hungry broke college students from Fordham might be a nice customer base, as well as famished shoppers, who are ravenous after grabbing all those deals on Fordham Road.

Another big addition, not just to Fordham Road, but to the Bronx as a whole, is Best Buy. Yep, it's hard to believe, but the BoogieDown will be getting it's first and only Best Buy. Other nice additions will be a Walgreen's and a 24-Hour Fitness Center. The timeline right now is that most or all of these retailers will be open for the Christmas season.

Fordham Road has always been one of the best shopping strips in the Bronx - it's just going to get a little bit better with all these new retailers coming in and dollars being spent to upgrade buildings.


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Groverbox said...

Nice article. It's about time they did something with that space. Now we need some parking solutions.