Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Attention Yankees Fans

We received a request from a BoogieDowner reader living all the way down in Mississippi, Chico Harris, to spread the word about a book he's writing about Bronx residents and their love affair with the Yankees. The proceeds from the book will go to buy underprivileged Bronx youth tickets to Yankees' games. Here's a brief description of Chico's project and who he'd like to hear from:
"I'm writing a book about the people who live in the Bronx and make it what it is. I need people who know and love the Bronx to suggest people, all Yankees fans, from 27 categories for me to interview about life in the Bronx as a Yankees fan.
I want to talk to the people who might not be in the stadium, but love the Yankees and are instead out making the Bronx the uniquely American place it is.
I'm coming up from Mississippi to interview people, from the Bronx schoolteacher Yankees fan to the Bronx tattooed Yankees fan, during the last homestand at Yankee Stadium. In addition to writing about Bronx Yankees fans, I want to promote Bronx businesses that are locally-owned by Yankees fans while also presenting some Bronx history. I plan to learn a lot while I'm there."

So if you live in the Bronx and love the Yankees, check Chico's site out at: http://www.oxfordland.net/bronxbrain/


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