Friday, September 19, 2008

Recession... What Recession?

Not sure how we missed this great article in Monday's NY Daily News, but better late than never to highlight it.

Dorian Block's article, "Health care and education lead Bronx job growth in zip code 10456," states that a report by the Center for an Urban Future shows almost every neighborhood in the Bronx has seen an increase in newly created private sector jobs.

I've pulled out one of the most interesting quotes from the article:

Len Caro, executive director of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce, says, "Over the years, we've gotten more people moving back to [the] Bronx who moved away, who have been in the suburbs and now see economic growth and see the opportunities. There are also corporations from Manhattan moving here. We used to be the Bronx that's burning. Now we're the Bronx that's building."

Affordable real estate and tons of newly created jobs... Only in the Bronx my friends, only in the Bronx.

*Photo of extremely excited businesspeople courtesy of (check out the woman squatting in front... She's literally going to kill any competing business who tries to mess with her)*

Update: Uh oh, then there's also this report from the New York Observer.


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