Thursday, July 28, 2011

U.S. Congressman Joseph Crowley Weighs in on Debt Ceiling and Deficit as the August 2nd Deadline Looms

As we watch our representatives "play chicken" with the Hegemony of the U.S. dollar, here is U.S. Congressman Crowley's stance on protecting Social Security and Medicare as well as where tax revenue should be raised to balance our budget. I am all for limited federal powers and balancing the budget but this showdown is truly reckless, much like the wanton spending that has been going on for years. I hope Republicans and Democrats come to their senses and a solution that does not damage our nation’s credit score or devastate the working class people of America is reached immediately. Here is more from a U.S. Congressman that represents swatches of the East Bronx.


July 27, 2011

Dear Gregory:

With negotiations over the debt ceiling and deficit in the news, I wanted to let you know that protecting Social Security and Medicare is my top priority. I am proud to continue the fight to preserve these essential programs for today's seniors and future generations.

Social Security and Medicare form the backbone of our nation's commitment to seniors. Over 44 million Americans receive health care coverage from Medicare and 54 million Americans receive income support from Social Security. Seniors earn these benefits by paying into the Medicare and Social Security programs over a lifetime of hard work.

Unfortunately, under the guise of balancing the budget and as a hostage in the debt-ceiling negotiations, these vital social safety nets are under attack by Republicans in Congress. Like all Americans, I am concerned about our nation's deficit. However, there are common sense solutions that will allow us to meet our financial obligations and do not include slashing support for Social Security and Medicare. For example, I believe we should end wasteful subsidies that benefit the nation's largest oil companies, close overseas tax loopholes and eliminate the Bush tax breaks for the wealthiest 2% of Americans – a move that would reduce our deficit by at least $700 billion.

You may also be interested to know that I recently introduced legislation to provide seniors with a one-time cost of living adjustment of $250 for 2011. My legislation would ensure that 2011 will not be the first time ever that two years have passed since retirees and other beneficiaries receive an automatic increase in their Social Security benefits to account for higher costs of living

After a lifetime of work and service, seniors deserve to retire with peace of mind and comfort in knowing that their hard earned benefits will be there for them. You can be sure I will keep up the fight to protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare for seniors today and future generations of Americans.

As always, please feel free to contact my office with any questions, comments or concerns.

Joseph Crowley
Member of Congress

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