Friday, July 15, 2011

Tri-State Skateboard Park Directory launched: Mullaly, River Avenue and Throgs Neck Skateboard Parks Located in the Bronx Listed

(Mullaly Skateboard Park, Bronx NYC)

Here is a letter received from a skateboard activist related to a skateboard park directory he developed. The web site lists skateboard parks through New York, New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut.

The Bronx sports three skateboard parks that are listed on the website. Please do use the resource if interested in finding out more about Mullaly, River Avenue or the Throgs Neck Skateboard parks in our Borough.



check out the all new

I am writing to help spread the word about a new web directory covering all the skateboard parks in the New York City area: After discovering how hard it was to track down info on all the new skateparks popping up in and around the city, I decided to create a directory that hosts park information like location, hours, cost and weather or not helmets are required. I also have been aggregating news, photos and videos from all of our region’s parks. The site includes parks in Manhattan and all five boros, North New Jersey, Long Island, Southern Connecticut and upstate New York.

But I need your help. In order for the directory to serve it’s purpose it needs to rank well on Google’s search results. The best way to help search rankings is with a link from another site (as you may know). Please link to and help us out. I will gladly return the favor with a return link on our site’s link page:

My goal is not to sell ads, steal content or step on the toes of any of the other great New York skate and spot directory sites out there (like,,,, etc.) but instead provide a simple resource for New Yorkers and visitors who want to get out and skate a little transition at one of the many new skateparks in the area. The site is new and may be missing some information. If you see any incorrect info or have any comments. Please let me know.

Thanks for yr links!



rnc said...

Sick! Best boogiedowner article i've seen in a long time.

rnc said...

Also, the picture you have of Mullaly's: is that really what it looks like now? When I skated it in the 90s it was a bunch of crappy bmx ramps.