Friday, July 22, 2011

Assemblyman Dinowitz Calls on President Obama to Stand Up to Tea Party Republicans

To my surprise when browsing the Standard and Poor's ranking of the 126 Sovereign nations it monitors, seventeen nations already have a higher credit score than the United States. America's credit score is listed as AAA/Negative/A-1+.

The following nations have a higher credit rating of AAA/Stable/A-1+;

8-Isle of Man
12-New Zealand
17-The United Kingdom

For anyone interested in reviewing the complete list, here is the web site address;

I am sure everyone agrees spending must be controlled, however I also strongly agree with Assemblyman Dinowitz that Social Security must not be on the negotiating table.

Our cuts should be in military spending. Instead of offering our youth wars to go fight, we need to provide them with industries that allow them to make a living and contribute to our GNP. Hands off Social Security, which is a promise to our elders, and cut spending on the war machine that only feeds the rich. It is a travesty when we discuss cuts to our senior citizens and not to a military industry that consumes much of our budget.

For more on Assemblyman Dinowitz position and his charge to President Obama please see his press release below.

Assemblyman Dinowitz Calls on President Obama to Stand Up to Tea Party Republicans

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz is calling on President Obama to stand up against extremist Republicans in the battle raging over the national debt ceiling. The national debt limit, which will be reached by August 2, must be raised or the United States will go into default. In the past, raising the ceiling on the national debt has been a relatively routine matter, but this year Tea Party Republicans have demanded trillions of dollars in cuts to federal programs as the price for voting to raise the ceiling on the national debt.

“I strongly urge President Obama to stand firm and not succumb to the extortionist tactics of the Republican Party in this monumental fight over the national debt. The Democrats must not allow the decimation of crucial programs, including Social Security and Medicare, to be the price for their votes in raising the national debt limit,” said Assemblyman Dinowitz.

“We should permanently eliminate the Bush tax cuts on income in excess of a million dollars and we must end special tax loopholes and giveaways for big oil and other corporate interests. That alone could generate trillions. The idea that there should be three dollars in cuts for every dollar of revenue increase, or worse yet no revenue increases at all, is outrageous. The Republicans have wanted to destroy Social Security and Medicare for decades. They are putting the U.S. economy in jeopardy and risking throwing the U.S. into a double-dip recession in order to carry out their right wing agenda. We need the President to stop them.

“The Democratic Party is the party that gave Americans Social Security, the most successful program ever, and Medicare. Now the Democratic Party must stop the Republicans from destroying these programs – and the President should lead the way.”

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