Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Open Letter from NYS Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz to BOEDC President Marlene Cintron on the Kingsbridge Armory

NYS Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz must have read the same editorials from "Manhattan-based editorial writers that strongly supported the heavily subsidized mall" proposed for the Kingsbridge Armory. Below is what Assemblyman Dinowitz wrote to BOEDC President Marlene Cintron supporting the decision made by the Bronx Borough Presidents, and all but one member of the NYC City Council.

With all the “outside” propaganda that advocated for the mall, I think it's imperative to post the letter written and express my belief that the mall would not have been good for the Bronx. I also strongly believe the majority of Bronx residents, who are aware of the facts and have walked in the community at least once, agree with Dinowitz, Cintron, Diaz Jr. and the majority of the NY City Council. They should use the subsidies offered to developers to develop a project useful to the community. What’s wrong with a mixed use facility including a school and various sports arenas? The Bronx needs to support small businesses, not put them out of business with tax dollars subsidizing big box department stores that would have siphoned profits from the community through dividends to shareholder who have no stake in our Borough.

Please do read the letter written by Assemblyman Dinowitz. Again, I firmly believe he is right on target with his assessment of the situation and that he truly represents the best interest of the community.


July 25, 2011

Marlene Cintron, President
Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation
851 Grand Concourse, Room 123
Bronx, New York 10451

Dear Ms. Cintron:

I am pleased to learn that sports facilities, including those for ice skating and hockey,are among the possible uses being contemplated for the Kingsbridge Armory. Having grown up within a few blocks of the Armory and having lived there for nearly half my life, I have always been extremely interested in there being a top-notch plan for the site.

I opposed the proposal to construct a shopping mall in the Armory that would have
received tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer subsidies. Such a mall would undoubtedly have decimated the Fordham Road and Kingsbridge Road shopping districts and cost countless jobs. Some Manhattan-based editorial board writers that strongly supported the heavily-subsidized mall probably spend little or no time in the Bronx and undoubtedly had no concept of the impact of such a mall on the surrounding community. I am certain that Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. took the correct position for the Bronx on this matter and, as a result, we now have a golden opportunity to do something really special for the Bronx.

I have long believed that the Kingsbridge Armory should be used for the people of
the Bronx. I have seen the superb facility that has been developed at the armory at West 168th Street and Fort Washington Avenue in Manhattan. The Bronx deserves a great
facility as well. The possibilities are endless, including real ice skating rinks for the entire Bronx to enjoy, ice hockey, basketball, running tracks, community facilities, and finally giving the community what it has long demanded: new public schools outside the armory.

So, I would like to applaud the work of both BOEDC and the Borough President.
We’ve waited a long time for the right development of the Armory site. We dodged a bullet when we avoided the heavily-subsidized, job-killing shopping mall. Now we must redouble our efforts to develop the site for the best interests of Kingsbridge Heights and the entire Bronx. I look forward to working with you and being helpful in any way that I am able.


Jeffrey Dinowitz
Member of Assembly

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