Monday, March 19, 2012

Rally Scheduled on Wednesday March 21st at the Kingsbridge Armory

Besides the e-mail below from, I also was handed a flyer from “One Bronx United” related to a rally planned at Kingsbridge Armory. I believe the issue is public use of the space and the living wages. The last I heard the dominant proposal for the armory was a school and a ice rink center. In relation to the living wage bill, kudos to many of our Bronx elected officials who have made it a city wide issue with bills pending on our city council. If anyone is interested in attending the rally or commenting on the development please do read on.


Dear MoveOn member,

I'm Joe S, a MoveOn member and part of the American Dream movement. I'm writing because the American Dream is under attack. Politicians at all levels—in city halls, state legislatures, and Congress—aren't doing enough to stand up for us.

We're organizing locally to fight for an America where people who want to work can find a decent job—and an America where millionaires, Wall Street, and Big Oil do their part to get our economy back on track. Will you join me on Wednesday at an event in the Bronx to spread our movement's message?

Yes, I can be there!

More than 14 million people are unemployed. Corporations and the rich still aren't paying their fair share. And tea party Republicans across the nation are still intent on attacking workers' rights, cutting public sector jobs, and gutting programs like Medicare and Social Security.

The American Dream movement started when regular people stood up and fought back—together. I'm organizing an event on Wednesday in the Bronx at 6 p.m. to build the strength of our movement and make change locally. Here's a brief description of what we're doing on Wednesday:

We will be rallying to support the Living Wage NYC Coalition and their call for a living wage requirement in the redevelopment of the Kingsbridge Armory.

We will meet outside the Armory on Kingsbridge road near Reservoir Avenue.

Can you join me and others in our area on Wednesday?

Click here for more information and to RSVP.


–Joe S., MoveOn member

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