Wednesday, March 28, 2012

City-Wide Rally to Stop School Closures

April 19th

City-Wide Rally Against

School Closures

At Tweed

· Bloomberg has already made the PEP vote to CLOSE 25 SCHOOLS THIS YEAR.

· On April 26th Bloomberg will make the PEP VOTE TO CLOSE 33 MORE.

· This will mean an astonishing 58 closures in one year.

· Mayor Bloomberg has destroyed, and continuesto destroy, communities with his undemocratic and unjust policies that ignore the needs of our students.

· Join us on Thursday April 19thin front of TWEED (52 Chambers Street, Manhattan) at 4 PM to stand up and say NO MORE SCHOOL CLOSURES: The rally will begin at 4:30

· E-Mail: for more info.

· This rally was initiated by a coalition of chapter leaders, delegates, and members from seven of the 33 schools. We urge you to join us

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