Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who is Andrew Breitbart? Conservative hit man or just a blogger protecting our free speech by using his to the fullest?

After hearing about U.S. Congressman Weiner non-stop on every news source possible, I could not avoid wondering about Mr. Andrew Breitbart and his “BigGovernment.com” blog site. Mr. Breitbart is the man many feel responsible for breaking the news about Congressman Weiner. Is Mr. Breitbart a conservative hit man or just a blogger protecting our free speech by using his to the fullest? Either way I do feel sympathy for Mr. Breitbart after seeing how he was attacked for exposing the truth.

The first YouTube clip is from the recent press conference were Mr. Breitbart defended himself and asked for an apology from U.S. Congressman Weiner. The second YouTube clip shows U.S. Congressman Weiner apologizing to his family, constituents and Mr. Breitbart. At this point is it enough? I must admit the apology to Mr. Breitbart did seem honorable to me from a U.S. Congressman I thought would be to full of himself to make a formal apology to Mr. Breitbart.

I also posted web addresses to the various blog sites Mr. Breitbart manages for anyone to review. Please do feel free to post any comments on Mr. Breitbart below or what you think about this recent events surrounding U.S. Congressman Weiner? How does the Bronx feel about both men, their recent actions and what they represent?





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