Friday, June 10, 2011

Mark Naison: "NYC School System More Corrupt Today Than It Ever Was Under Community Control"

Dr. Mark Naison, Fordham University professor and education activist, forwarded the following related to news that the private firm Wireless Generation was awarded a 27 million dollar no bid contract from the NYC Department of Education.

The strong statement by Dr. Naison below is a response to recent articles including the article posted on “the New York Public School Independent Voices of New York City Public School Parents” blog site. The article was written by Leone Haimson who is also the Executive Director of an organization called “Class Size Matters”. Links are provided below related to the blog that posted the article and the Class Size Matters web site.

Are we seeing an unprecedented amount of corruption in our school system as Mr. Mark Naison states below? Are any contingencies included in the deal to employ NYC middle class residents? Is everyone comfortable with connections and associations alleged by Dr. Naison and various news sites? Were can the average man get some of these no bid contracts? Please do comment and let me know where the community stands on the above issues? Is Dr. Naison on target or way off?


NYC School System More Corrupt Today Than It Ever Was Under Community Control The decision of the New York State Department of Education to award a 27 million dollar no bid contract to Wireless Generation, a company owned by Rupert Murdoch which employs ex NYC Chancellor Joel Klein, reinforces something I have been feeling for some time, but have never previously publicly-- namely that the New York City Public School system is more corrupt today under Mayoral Control than it ever was when there was community input into the management of schools. Under community control, when money was siphoned off, it stayed in the neighborhood, going to local politicians and their friends. Now it goes to test companies, management consultant firms, manufacturers of educational software, charter school enterprises, all of them connected to the Wall Street firms and media conglomerates that control the city's and the nation's economy. Professor Henry Taylor of SUNY Buffalo was right in identifying the Educational Industrial complex as the latest wing of the Misery Industries, those enterprises that find opportunity in the suffering of the nation's working class and poor (the other wing is the Prison Industrial Complex). If you undermine public education, and take the power over schools away from teachers, parents and community organizations, then corporate enterprises can swoop down and find enormous opportunities for profit in the” reformed" system. In education, we are seeing the raw application of power for the pursuit of profit by the wealthiest people in the country. If we take this lying down, democracy in this country, already dramatically weakened, is all but dead


Anonymous said...

Your writing is proof positive that the school system is a mess. Just post the press releases without commentaries. You may mean well, but you do not write well.

Anonymous said...

Professor Naison isn't much better. What does "previously publicly" mean?

Corruption is corruption regardless of whose pockets the money is going into. Shame on all who are and have been guilty.