Monday, June 6, 2011

Bronx Residents, Political Figures and Private Firms Unite to Provide Relief to Missouri Tornado and Flood Victims

For those interested in helping recent flood and tornado victims in Missouri, please see information below related to a relief effort organized in our community by Councilman Vacca, his Volunteer Corp, Patricia Madsen and other community minded individuals and organization. Baldor Specialty Foods, through an arrangement with the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, will supply a tractor-trailer to deliver the needed assistance to Missouri residents in need. The least we can do is help get the word out about Baldor Specialty Foods Inc, the local Hunts Point corporation helping in the effort. Here is a link to their web site;


Vacca Announces Expanded Relief Effort to Aid Victims of Recent Tornadoes and Floods

Three drop-off locations will accept clothing, household items through the end of June

BRONX, NY ― Council Member James Vacca today announced that the Vacca Volunteer Corps and City Islander Patricia Madsen are expanding flood and tornado relief efforts to include victims of the recent tornado in Joplin, Missouri. Collections of clothing, household items, and nonperishable food will take place at three locations through the end of June, and donations will be transported over this period to Joplin and still-recovering communities in Alabama and the Mississippi Valley.

“The devastation we have seen over the past two months simply defies imagination,” Vacca said. “But it has also been inspirational to hear so many people in the community ask what they can do to help. Between Patricia Madsen’s efforts and the Volunteer Corps’ efforts, the people of the Bronx can make a big difference in the lives of Americans in need of our help.”

The three locations where residents can make donations (and the contacts and times for each location) are:

· Home of Patricia Madsen, 321 King Avenue, City Island – (917) 971-9945, anytime
· Home of Dolores Gartner, 1011 Pierce Avenue (bottom bell), Morris Park –, e-mail to arrange drop-off
· Mercy College Office of Career Services, 1200 Waters Place, Room 2286 – (718) 678-8852, Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Vacca Volunteer effort is an outgrowth of an independent campaign initiated by Madsen in the aftermath of the Huntsville, Alabama, tornado. After calling into a local radio program and offering help, Madsen partnered with a Southern trucking company to send two tractor-trailers full of clothing and other supplies to victims. That company will continue supplying trucks to the South. Baldor Specialty Foods of Hunts Point, through an arrangement with the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, will supply a tractor-trailer to deliver donations to Missouri.

Anyone with question or anyone interested in helping pick up, drop off, sort, or load donations should contact Vacca’s office at or (718) 931-1721.

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