Monday, June 28, 2010

Listing of the Day: Grand Concourse/Yankee Stadium Rental

1015 Grand Concourse - 2 Bedroom, $1450/month

Not a bad price for a two bedroom in a decent hood. This stretch of the Concourse has gotten some attention recently with the roadway's 100 year anniversary last year, the new Yankee Stadium opening over a year ago, and a move to landmark a stretch of the Concourse from 167th and a bit south to 153rd streets. Split the $1450 with a roomie and start saving money so you can move your attention to the sales listings, rather than the rentals.

You'd be close to the Bronx Museum of the Arts in this unit. You'd also be close to Yankee Stadium (if you could ever afford tickets) and Joyce Kilmer Park. There's some shopping down near 161st and along Walton. Further afield is the Gateway Center.

The transportation is pretty nice. You have the D/B at 161st (and the 4 at 161st as well for east side access). The Yankee Stadium Metro North is a little far south for this apartment, but it's there too all the way down on 153rd Street.



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