Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pilgrim-Hunter Unable to Work, But Able to Campaign?

The genesis of this post is strange. A few friends, the missus, and I were gathered in our apartment to watch the World Cup game between Ghana and the United States this past Saturday. During halftime we started to discuss the crowded 33rd district primary race. We were trying to figure out what each of the candidates did for a living, but could not figure out how Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter earns a living. One of those present said that he had read or heard that Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter was on Social Security Disability. I thought that this could not be true, what with her running for office and all, and her very active and involved image.

I did preliminary research and couldn't find much. The most common epithet given to Ms. Pilgrim Hunter was "local activist," which I don't think pays the bills. A little more digging revealed an employment history of retail, cosmetics, and a welfare to work counselor. No current paying job could be found. Her most recent employment was as a regional sales manager for Avon almost a decade ago. Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter had been a welfare to work counselor for one year in 1995.

Finally I contacted the campaign and had it confirmed that indeed Ms. Pilgrim Hunter is receiving disability checks and is indeed deemed unable to work according to Social Security standards. She has been unable to work since an Avon accident in 2000 that affected her back and rendered Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter incapable of carrying and loading boxes. Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter has received disability payments since 2006 and currently still receives them while on the campaign trail. A campaign official wrote in an email, "Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter currently collects disability checks through Social Security. Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter proudly paid into the Social Security system for 22 years, and now participates in it as a beneficiary."

I think it is rather strange that a woman who can be a co-op board president, sit on the board of NWBCCC, be the most vocal member of KARA, and embark upon a vigorous campaign for the 33rd district is physically unable to find and maintain gainful employment. Also, I kind of feel that running a political campaign makes it pretty evident that a candidate is capable of working. This is the height of contradiction; on the one hand Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter is attempting to convince the voters of the 33rd district that she is able and capable of working hard for them in the state senate, but on the other hand, she has convinced the federal government that she is incapable of working (and she continually confirms this incapacity to work when she cashes her disability check every month).

It must be a little easier to be so involved in the business of KARA and NWBCCC when you don't have to deal with that little thing called gainful employment. I'd like to volunteer a lot more myself, but alas, I have a job. I do not begrudge those on disability (it is a very necessary safety net for those who legitimately are physically or mentally unable to work); however, I think if you can physically do lots of things that seem to mimic real work without the paycheck, you can physically maintain regular employment.

When asked if Ms. Pilgrim Hunter would forfeit her checks if she were elected, a campaign official in the same email stated, "The disability determination is not necessarily a permanent one. The system foresees re-evaluations to determine if a person's condition has improved to the point of no longer being qualified for benefits. Desiree has and will continue to comply with these rules."

The ole BD thinks that now would be the perfect time for one of these "re-evaluations."



Anonymous said...

A reevaluation might be a little tricky for her.

If they find she is capable of working, it sure makes it look like she's been scamming the system.

If they find she is not able to work, it makes her look poorly qualified for the workload associated with public office.

Anonymous said...

Is she a citizen yet?

How was she receiving disability when she wasn't a citizen of the U.S.?

Will said...

Lots of people doing what she's doing - right under BD's nose.

Anonymous said...

As with all Bronx politics, the rules and details don't matter to anyone until the AG comes knocking at the door.

paperpest said...

Thanks for the research.

Anonymous said...

It looks like DPH was trying to get some sort of "company" off the ground in 2008. Wait, I thought she couldn't work?

paperpest said...

I did a little research and found the following from
How long payments continue

Generally, your disability benefits will continue as long as your medical condition has not improved and you cannot work. Benefits will not necessarily continue indefinitely. Because of advances in medical science and rehabilitation techniques, many people with disabilities recover from serious accidents and illnesses.

Your case will be reviewed at regular intervals to make sure you are still disabled. You are responsible for telling us if your medical condition improves, if there is any change in your ability to work or if you return to work.
*********end of quote******
You don't have to be a citizen to receive SSD.

Anonymous said...

I think she became a citizen just in time to try to get her name on the ballot.

Incredible story. Ditto on the "thanks for doing the research,"

Guywithacause said...

Great article...yet another scam artist. Should I see her on the "campaign trail" I will be sure to ask her how she can be on disability yet campaign and WORK towards a number of local community activities. Unfortunately, since it is likely much of her supporters are running the same scam, I will be booed, called a racist, attacked, or otherwise ignored (with the first 3 likely in that order).

I will still enjoy calling her out though. SWEET!

Anonymous said...

Obvious plant story from one of Desiree's political enemies. She talked about her disability on the very day she announced her campaign.

(Link to her announcement speech)!/note.php?note_id=106666742708300

no surprise here just a hit job.

Christina said...

I've known about Pilgrim-Hunter as a great community leader and was excited when I first heard she was running against Espada. I became concerned when I read that she just recently registered to vote on a blog. After reading this, I've decided I will no longer support her campaign. This is very disappointing.

Boogiedowner said...

But she didn't talk about collecting checks for being unable to work, while campaigning on the message that she is indeed ready and able to work.

Either she can work, and should thus give up her disability checks, or she cannot work and shouldn't be running for state senate. It can't be both ways.

And for the record BoogieDowner is not officially involved in anyone's campaign.

Anonymous said...

This is a good article about the 33rd district race:

YourMan@33 said...

Boogiedowner is right. Is she able to work or not? It's a valid question and should be investigated further.

Lis said...

Thanks BD! This article is a great example of why I read this blog. In a crowded political race where the stakes are high and it is important that the people vote crooks like Espada out, voters need to ask questions like this -- thanks! Please keep asking/posting these questions; honest government is only achieved via honest voters who ask honest questions!

Chloe Tribich said...

It's a tired old right wing trick to tower in judgment over the people with disabilities and decide who are deserving and who are scammers. As a person with a hearing problem, I find this discussion offensive.

If we're going to talk about scams, let's talk about why the current representative of the 33rd district decided to screw over his low income constituents by blocking passage of progressive reforms.

Unknown said...

This blog post is truly disgraceful, as are many of the comments. Let’s just hope that none of this was planted by other Espada challengers or their supporters. It would be a mistake for them to get drawn into this cesspool.

Boogiedowner said...

What exactly is disgraceful about the post?

It's rather simple:
If she can work, why is she receiving disability? If she cannot work, how can she be a state senator? It cannot be both ways

Anonymous said...

Disability is not welfare. She may be unable to do the physical work that her previous job required. She may not be planning to win votes by giving out free food that she lifts out of a truck herself. Maybe she'll just need her mind and her voice to represent the people of her district.
Perhaps BD and their readers should ask her some questions and report the answers rather than judging her prematurely.

Anonymous said...

BoogieDowner should try to be open to dialogue and even criticism. Why so defensive? Maybe your right, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

If she could use her mind and voice to gain employment (like , say being a state senator), why can't she use her mind and voice to gain non political employment?

Plain English said...

Let's get real.

The Social Security requirements could not be any more clear:

" 'Disability' under Social Security is based on your inability to work. We consider you disabled under Social Security rules if:

•You cannot do work that you did before;
•We decide that you cannot adjust to other work because of your medical condition(s); and
•Your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death.

This is a strict definition of disability."

Running for office clearly indicates that Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter can "adjust to other work."

It is particularly outrageous that her response on this issue indicates that even now she is not volunteering to do the right thing and give up the disability payments, even though she is publicly broadcasting that she is capable of working.

If you read the response from her campaign, it sounds like she really intends to keep collecting the checks, even while getting paid to work as Senator, if they don't cut her off.

Sure, we can quibble. Stealing from our children's future by scamming Social Security isn't as bad as stealing from the unemployed and impoverished health care patients, like the incumbent has.

But the difference between Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter and Senator Espada is unfortunately starting to look more like a question of degree, rather than direction.

Anonymous said...

Since when are Avon ladies qualified to become state senators anyway?

Anonymous said...

I am not voting for anyone that does not set an example of hard work. This lady isn't doing it.

We need better role models for our kids.

Anonymous said...

She tried to start her own company in 2008? How is this legal?

This is a valid question and something that should absolutely be looked into.

Thanks for this BD. Don't let the numerous attacks that are sure to come your way deter you from your work. Like Desiree, the people working on her campaign are so new to this that the only things they know how to do is attack you for being anti-this or discriminatory to that just to deflect from how obviously unqualified she is to run for public office. Espada would eat her alive. Hopefully, she won't take away too many votes from the strongest candidate.

Unknown said...

Life is complicated - maybe yours is simple. Good for you. I wonder what you have learned about the complications in Ms. Hunter's life that you are not sharing with your readers.

Personally I've been on and off of disability as the result of more then one chronic and life threatening disease. Like Ms. Pilgrim Hunter I have spent weeks in the hospital and months, years in fact where I was unable to contribute. Then I found that my desire to be productive and to do real things for real people was (is now )stronger then the diseases that put me there.

Stepping out of disease and disablity toward community leadership and political action is a great good thing. It should be celebrated not attacked.

One thing that is abundantly clear to me from reading this post is that the authors have no real desire to understand Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter's situation.

It seems quite obvious that you have a horse in this race - so why don't you come clean and stop pretending this is journalism.

Anonymous said...

with all due respect to Howard - this is really not about the disability. I appreciate your travails, as well as Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter's. For me it is more about a gathering story of her opportunism. It is difficult to make the case that someone who collects disability and therefore is legally unable to work can then lay claim to the story that she has worked so hard for the community through her organizing and activism. How do you claim you can't work and then try to start up your own company? How does someone who can't work find the energy to walk up and down flights of stairs campaigning? Or show up at rallies?

This is not a knock against a person who is legitimately disabled. It just seems a little shady - that's all. And after Espada, the last thing that New York needs is shady.

And yes, Espada will eat her alive with this because some of these comments are child's play compared to what his campaign will do to her.

Anonymous said...

so let me see if i have this right..
l. a bunch of able bodied folk are sitting around discussing how a person with a disability can serve the community, can campaign for an election?
2. no one commenting has said how they have ever did ANYTHING for ANYBODY else in their community, nor have they ever had the heart to campaign for any office
3. most commenters are concerned about how she earns her living.
4. has anyone in the group ever had to go through the immigration and naturalization process to become a citizen?
Hmmm....well I wonder exactly how long she did work? Probably for years (as most immigrants do in this country).
Gee...and becoming a citizen of the US must be a really, really easy process and inexpensive to boot because I guess most of you who wrote would know.
Oh...and imagine this, despite her disability she was able to stand up for something instead of sitting around blogging criticisms
so...let me get this straight...are all minority immigrant women who have worked for years and who are injured then collect disability (THAT THEY PAID INTO ALL THOSE WORKING YEARS!)and who finally get thru the citizenship process and decide to serve their communities in whatever capacity they choose...those women are scammers?
WOW!! Racism, Classism, Elitism, Sexism and overall discrimination still do exist above the Mason-Dixon Line.

Anonymous said...

Hey BD...don't you know a campaign ruse when you see one?
blogging is campaign dollars need to be spent. Just have some people from your camp distract people, muddy the water so people will not look at the bigger picture...Oldest trick in the book...keep people concentrated on somethng else.
But I guess it gives most of the commenters something to do...'cause they're not doing anything else constructive.

Anonymous said...

You know what they say...if u can't beat "em....beat up on 'em.

True Cowards...the lot of you.

Anonymous said...

How many of you bloggers are from the Bronx?
How many of you bloggers have done ANYTHING constructive FOR the Bronx in any capacity....

Hmmm...just as I though, not too many hands.

Anonymous said...

A sanctimonius lot...all of you...
at least she has the heart and guts to run for office.

Your words are cheap!

Anonymous said...

The BDer and the Missus(or was it ErLu and the Missus) were watching World Cup Soccer and then started talking about how someone pays their bills, someone who is not doing it dishonestly?
How are any of the other candidates paying their bills, keeping a roof over their heads?
It must be nice to have the kind of time to scrutinize and research how Ms. Hunter receives income.

Question? Did you do the same for the other candidates? What did you come up with? Let's hear about that in detail shall we?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. She could work as a Senator, but she couldn't work as a secretary? No office work (without lifting required)? I belive that the other three candidates all work for a living. Get a real job!!

Plain English said...

I don't see anybody here attacking anyone with a disability. People have questioned if this candidate is telling the truth with such inconsistent statements. That's the type of question that needs to be asked.

And the answer to this one is plain: she cannot be both unable to work, and able to work as senator. It's a logical impossibility!

That is a simple fact.
It is not "racism."
It is not "classism."
It is not "elitism."
It is not "sexism."
Those are just accusations by supporters to distract attention from the fact that there is no way to explain or excuse the obvious lies of this candidate.

But let's stay focused.

Understanding how her work history qualifies her as a candidate for a job is another basic question that needs to be asked. All the other candidates have made that info clear:

Espada - State Senator and Soundview

Padernacht - attorney

Rivera - outreach director for Senator Gillibrand and professor

Tirado - community board district manager, formerly worked at Department of Health

It begs the question: Why is Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter hiding her own work history?

miriam said...

What's particularly disturbing about this post is the rude "gotcha" attitude and not so subtle smear campaign . The questions raised are important and if raised differently might have stimulated good discussion & analysis. Instead, all that this post has done is create more division in the Bronx. Perhaps the next time the BD goes after someone- they will do so in a manner that raises the level of discourse instead of lowering it.

Ms.231 said...

Not surprising. Racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, etc? Will we ever get a straight answer from this campaign instead of a rudely defensive and deflective one? We are looking for the best person to represent us in Albany and yet we're not allowed to ask questions about a person's history or ethics? This is clearly not the best candidate for us. I can't imagine how calling Espada a sexist, racist, anti-immmigrant, etc. when the real fight begins will do anything to help her win. If this is they're best response
they can come up with for some blogger (do disrespect, Boogiedowner), then how the hell are they ever going to actually beat Espada!?

Also, the the posts two minutes apart? I highly doubt they are coming from more than one person. Perhaps an IP Address check and deletion of multiple posts is in order.

Anonymous said...

I never in my wildest dreams would have believed Boogiedowner would be so narrow minded, I've worked with many legally disabled people on community issues seen their pain in doing simple tasks and heard their fears about being seen doing any task that could be seen as in conflict with their status.

This is a interesting point made into a hatchet job, shame on you Boogiedowner. I have lost a lot of respect for this blog.


Ms. 231 said...

P.S. It takes an average of about 7 years to gain your citizenship. My father got his in 5 years and it took my mom less than 10. They both came at different times and from different countries. Does anyone know when Pilgrim-Hunter came to this country? If she is a recent immigrant, then that answers a question posted previously. Does anyone know how long she's lived in the Bronx?

Boogiedowner said...

Being a state senator is not a simple task.

Anonymous said...

Did she actually hide work history...or is the rub that she does not have gainful employment?
No one has asked anyone else to disclose their employment history...although some have stepped down. So how are the rest making a living while they campaign? That's a questionto answer. I guess collecting a disability check is murky. How far back did you go in everyone else's work history? I don't see any answers onthe curriculm vitae on other candidates going back 10, 20 years. And the immigrant status thing. You say it's not discrimination, but it is. Question: would she give up her disability income if elected?
Harping on the work history is questioning whether she is entitled to the benefit...she had to have worked to get it...and it is not easy gotten either.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to the city...someone suggested I find out more about the Bronx to get a feel for the place. All I can say is that if these bloggers would be my neighbors I wouldn't want them.
My parents immigrated to this country 26 years ago and became citizens, worked damn hard to do it. My dad was injured on the job and after 3 1/2 years finally was able to collect disability. The consensus I get is that your think bloggers "think" we don't deserve to part of the US political process. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Someone really wants her out of this race...for real!!

Anonymous said...

Can she work or can she not?

Anonymous said...

FYI This is the official campaign response

Response from Pilgrim-Hunter campaign to the story on BoogieDowner:
"This is a clean campaign and a clean candidate. Unfortunately, today's blog post on
BoogieDowner, rather than attempting to inform voters about Desiree's disability, tries
to insinuate something improper where nothing improper exists.
Desiree does not have a dishonest bone in her body. It is not contradictory for
someone with a disability to want to represent their community.
Moreover, Desiree talked about living with a disability on the day she announced her
campaign for State Senate. She's been very open about this on the campaign trail.
When asked this week, the Pilgrim-Hunter campaign provided BoogieDowner with
answers to many questions on this subject. For BoogieDowner then to selectively
reprint those answers is disappointing and paints misleading, incomplete picture. It
also suggests an attempt on their part to fit a predetermined narrative.
Desiree was born with a congenial birth defect in her back. It required a serious spinal
fusion surgery at age 18. That surgery was only partially successful, and as a result,
she has lived with a measure of pain her entire life. For more than thirty years she
worked through that pain, but in 2000, she sustained a serious work-related injury and
was diagnosed as disabled, never again to do the type of work she was doing at that
Desiree currently collects disability checks through Social Security. She paid into the
Social Security system for 22 years, and now participates in it as a beneficiary.
Like many people who were hurt on the job, she went through a difficult and
demeaning process to get the benefits she had paid for and which she deserved. In
2006, she was finally approved and got her current and back benefits.
On the day she announced her candidacy, Desiree said that having this disability does
not prevent her from trying to represent this community. She got into this race not fully
knowing whether her body could even withstand an eight month campaign, and she
has had to make adjustments in how she campaigns for office because of her disability.
Tellingly, BoogieDowner did not ask a single question about how someone who lives
with disability makes campaigning for public office possible. The timing and slant of
this story obviously suggests it was written with an agenda, whether or not at the
behest of another candidate, we will never know.
What we do know is that Desiree has received the support of more progressive groups
than any other candidate in this race. And while success often comes at a cost in
political campaigns, it's apparent that at the very least BoogieDowner missed an
opportunity to write an honest, informative story about a candidate for office who
understands what it is to fight through pain because she believes in trying to help her

Anonymous said...

FYI This is the official campaign response

Boogiedowner said...

Ok, the accusations that BoogieDowner is anti-immigrant or racist are outlandish. And the insinuation that this post comes at the "behest of another candidate" is laughable.

Every other candidate had his resume and professional history clearly available online somewhere:

But there doesn't seem to be much info about DPH's professional experience on her website:

Thus, we started asking questions.

If Ms. Pilgrim Hunter wants to be my state senator, I want to know what her resume is like. And as many have stated the issue is very simple: If she can work, she shouldn't be receiving disability checks, if she cannot work, she shouldn't be running for state senate.

The issue isn't about people with disabilities; it's about a person who collects checks b/c she can't work, but is publicly declaring that she can work.

If she can work as a state senator, she should inform the Social Security Administration of this change in her status.

I really don't understand how these facts can be argued.

Anonymous said...

Cool. When are we getting a response about why she just registered to vote just in time to try to get her name on the ballot when she continues to to say that she's lived in the community for over 20 years? An opportunist is an opportunist is an opportunist.

Destiny said...

The facts can't be argued with, which is why they're just trying to make you look like a biggot instead. I would personally like to thank you for caring enough about our community to look into this, BD. We deserve a much better representative than the one we got. We have a right in inquire about the people campaigning to represent us. We deserve the best possible candidate and one who will be able to finally get Espada, Jr. out of office!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty simple -- if she wins election and begins drawing a paycheck, she'll automatically no longer qualify for SSA disability.

You can read more about that process, and how people are evaluated for a disability, at this website:

Her previous job involved a level of physical exertion that she would presumably not face if and when she became a state senator. She would have office staff to lift heavy items, a staff person could drive her places, etc.

The law requires that a person on disability is periodically reevaluated. It does NOT require a recipient to look for work that might be done in spite of the disability, although that isn't discouraged.

SayNo2Ego said...

Why this person thinks she is qualified to become a state senator is beyond me. I hope she does the right thing and drops out before she is able to take away some votes from the stronger, more experienced candidates. By remaining in this race, we run the risk of helping Espada win. This helps NO ONE! She won't be helping anyone in OUR community by staying in this race and taking votes away from someone more knowledgeable, competent and experienced who can better represent us. If we look at the history and resumes of the candidates BD posted, it's clear she is poorly fitted for this job.

And by seeing how her campaign chooses to handle the people raising these valid questions, there is no way she can stand up to Espada and stand up for our district.

Do the right thing, Desiree. Let go of your ego and step down or you are helping Espada win.

Lis said...

Amen, Destiny! Voters are allowed to ask questions about their Senate candidate's work history or any history for that matter. I mean all I really knew about Pilgrim-Hunter is that she helped kill the Armory and she lives in a gated-community right outside one of the most crime-ridden parks in the CB7. Let BD readers do as they wish with the information from this post, it seems obvious to me who is not going to earn my vote...

Also, from the comments, "if raised differently (this post) might have stimulated good discussion & analysis. Instead, all that this post has done is create more division in the Bronx. Perhaps the next time the BD goes after someone- they will do so in a manner that raises the level of discourse instead of lowering it." I do not see how anyone but the commenters are lowering the discourse. BD contacted the campaign about a question concerning her work history and posted its answer. BD also included their own opinion. This is a blog; opinions such as your own, mine, and the bloggers are welcome and encouraged. I am also miffed at the idea that "creating division in the Bronx" is such a bad thing. C'mon, Pilgrim-Hunter lives in a gated community outside of DeVoe Park where many, many outside residents fight with others to get a good night's sleep. How is Pilgrim-Hunter not creating a division?

But anyways, onto a more important question (now that I have the attention of the campaign): is she still going to collect disability if she is elected as a Senator?

Now, commenters, please tell me why that is none of my business...

SayNo2Ego said...

Why this person thinks she is qualified to become a state senator is beyond me. I hope she does the right thing and drops out before she is able to take away some votes from the stronger, more experienced candidates. By remaining in this race, we run the risk of helping Espada win. This helps NO ONE! She won't be helping anyone in OUR community by staying in this race and taking votes away from someone more knowledgeable, competent and experienced who can better represent us. If we look at the history and resumes of the candidates BD posted, it's clear she is poorly fitted for this job.

And by seeing how her campaign chooses to handle the people raising these valid questions, there is no way she can stand up to Espada and stand up for our district.

Do the right thing, Desiree. Let go of your ego and step down or you are helping Espada win.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe Desiree's spin. Doing the work she did before is not the issue, and she knows it.
Go read the SSA website.

She had to prove (or lie) that she did not hjave transferable skills or was too severely disabled to be able to work in an office. Clearly she cannot work in an office in Albany with strain of lots of travel.

Or we cannot trust her to send her there.

Anonymous said...

On the issue of disability. One, SSD allows you to work on the ticket to work program while on SSD. Two, your definition of SSD is correct: •You cannot do work that you did before - which for her was physical and she proved she could not;
•We decide that you cannot adjust to other work because of your medical condition(s)-speculation is not fact, we do not know if light duty was available or if public speaking position was available; and
•Your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death- it has lasted more than a year.
Campaigning requires travel which many diabled individuals do and are allowed to do; it also requires public speaking - there is nothing wrong with her ability to speak nor did she calim that as her disability; If she gets elected, she will have staff to assist her in the duties she cannot perform; STOP YOUR ASSUMPTIONS AND INUENDOS! I AM DISABLED AND KNOW WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN NOT DO.

Jessica said...




Anonymous said...

to anon @ 12:21

We can read. Rules say you cannot be capable of working. There is nothing about a position being available. This is disability, not unemployment.

And do you really believe there have been no office jobs available for an entire decade?

It is neither assumption nor innuendo to point out the obvious. Anyone who can work as senator can work in an office. If tjey can work in an office they do not meet SSA requirements on their website for disability.

I work with a great guy who is deaf. He WORKS! Desiree instead takes SSA money claiming she can't, while her actions prove otherwise.

People with disabilities who work have my full respect. But not people who can work. and choose not to.

Pedro G. said...

Thanks BoogieDowner!
I really appreciate your support for Gusatvo.
Though most people know that you are fully supporting his campaign, I just felt that I should thank you.
I'm glad that you're asking about Desiree's work history -- makes sense. This is her weakness.
Gustavo couldn't possibly beat someone who lives in our community.
Please don't ask about why Gusatvo hasn't done anything for our community or when Gustavo moved into the neighborhood (assuming he has), or why Gillibrand refuses to support him. I know you are pretending to be fair and balanced, please keep it up!

Mr. Nunez said...

Yes, people need to back off! Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter was first to run against Espada and that's all that matters. Even if she is not qualified and has never been involved in politics. She was first. That's good enough for me. I'm sure we'll be able to put up a good enough fight against him. I'm glad her first vote will be for herself. Mine will as well.

Guywithacause said...

Just as I question the candidate and you are called a racist/narrow minded and the personal attacks ensue...politics at its best.

The simple fact remains, which will NEVER be answered, that if you can WORK as a representative of a district, THEN YOU SHOULD NOT BE ON DISABILITY. The operative word here is WORK, because if she is able to transition to WORKING as a representative of the district, how can she be "disabled" and getting checks.

The story about her surgery at 18, paying into the system for 22 years, going through the demeaning process of getting the benefits, what it means to be "disabled"/heartbreaking stories, and all the other accusations of racism, etc are all DEFLECTIONS to the simple issue:

If you are running a campaign claiming you can WORK as a representative, then you are NOT disabled. If you cannot work and are in fact disabled, then how can you WORK as a representative? Everything else is fluff and deflection..simply answer the question. Her response never answered the simple question.

As I stated before, whenever you question something so simple, you are hurled with angry accussations and the usual "you are a racist" nonsense. It is a simple, direct, and very appropriate question for someone wanting to WORK as a representative, so what is the problem?

And clearly, her supporters on here and elsewhere, many of whom run the same scams for benefits, are out in force hurling accusations and false statements just to keep the scam going feebly attempt to discredit Boogiedowner.

Boogiedowner, do not cave to the pervasive ignorance and race-baiting nonsense by scam artists and self-serving ignoramouses. We know the truth, and we expect the Boogiedowner to keep exposing the lies/scams/nonsense that is suffocating our borough.

And by the way, I am not about to vote for anyone running against Espada simply because it isn't Espada..we could be going from bad to worse, if that is even possible. And from what I know about this one, she just might be person..same old scams. Welcome to the Bronx.

Jessica said...

Thanks for supporting Gustavo and being a part of his team! We look forward to more attacks on Desiree.
Great job!

A. Perez said...

I can't believe these scam artists.
First, there's Pedro. Then we have Gustavo (or Pedro Jr.), who just gets into town, who Gillibrand thinks is a lightweight, who no one who lives in the 33rd has ever heard of and now this.
I thought Gustavo on his knees kissing the Intrepid was bizarre or his lame, amateur hour videos were the real low point. His campaign is a total joke and now this.
I guess folks should reconsider Fernando. If people can't stand with Desiree than it'll have to be Fernando. I can't imagine anyone taking Gustavo seriously. If Gillibrand thinks he is a bit of an embarrassment, there must be something to it.

Anonymous said...

The tone of this debate could be taken down a notch, for sure. But isnt it interesting that the Pilgrim Hunter supporters think BD is a shill for Rivera? And they assume that it is his supporters that are fanning this?

How about another theory? That Espada's people are really the ones behind these stories because Espada is worried about Desiree more than all the others? If Rivera splits the latino vote, Desiree wins, right? And by the way, don't all frontrunners get attacked at some point? Isn't that what's happening here?

I believe BD is forthright when he says he has no candidate in this race. He raised some legitimate questions. Thank you for that BD...keep up the good work. What's crazy is the way in which Desiree's supporters responded, and probably some within her own campaign. They automatically assumed that this wasn't the work of Espada and his people, but rather Gustavo Rivera.

Just a thought: Espada is laughing all the way to reelection while Desiree's campaign showed how unprepared for prime time it is. Every candidate's how you handle them that makes the difference. Unfortunately Desiree and her people failed their first big test. Espada got under her skin. He's dismantling her and then gonna move on to Rivera after she caves.

That's a shame because she seems to be well respected in many quarters.

Guywithacause said...

Just more deflection and about you answer the question instead of playing dumb games. All posters on here, and those who simply read the Boogiedowner, should understand that we should be able to question candidates running for public office about their employment, education, ethics, beliefs, etc.

Anyone who verbally attacks you, or makes ludicrous accusations because you actually care and ask questions about a candidate running for office, should be outed for the ridiculous and ignorant person that they are. And if the person running for office uses the same strategies of race-baiting and deflection so as not to answer a question, they are not worthy of your vote and are simply trying to scam you.

William said...

A -- You could be right. I thought BD were Park Slope transplants who would be Gustavo supporters.
Maybe Pedro is behind this.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read BD's coverage of Espada? No chance he's in any way connected to this.

Guywithacause said...

This is like the X-files here..more lies/innuendos and accusations against BD JUST BECAUSE THEY DARED TO ASK A QUESTION OF A CANDIDATE RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE!

Don't back down BD, and anyone that would soil your good name for holding candidates accountable to what they say and what they do is just a self-serving ignoramous at best or another scam artist at worst.

Mr. Nunez said...

You're right. It might be Espada. We didn't even think about that.

Guywithacause said...

Hmm...actually I think it's really martians that are planning the whole thing. They want to keep Espada in office so they can time-warp into his body and take over the planet.

The Bronx has no shortage of ignorant, race-baiting fools..and these comments on here confirm it. Wanna know why the Bronx continues to struggle while the other boroughs are moving forward in leaps and bounds, look at that race-baiting/ignorance/scam artists posting on this site.

You have my support BD. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear: no one insinuated BD was an Espada supporter. BD did us all a favor by doing the digging and analysis.

What I question is that Desiree's supporters automatically think BD AND everyone else here are RIVERA supporters.

There is another possibility...that's all. Don't you realize how long Pedro Espada has been around in politics?

I don't have a dog in this hunt either. My only point is that the way the Pilgrim Hunter people have come unglued here tells us a lot about how the inexperience her and her supporters have in electoral politics.

The best thing for Pilgrim Hunter is to have her supporters KEEP QUIET. You're hurting her more by responding with bizarre and outlandish accusations.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 3:17

That is absolutely clear. The way they're insisting this has something to do with one of their opponents is just a tell tale sign of how shaken they are by the competition and how woefully unprepared/amateur/weak they are.

Guywithacause said...

Excellent point Anonymous..although in my eyes the damage is done. Based on her published response she is merely a scam artist and making ridiculous allegations against BD for daring to question her.

So it's no surprise that other scam artists and hustlers are jumping on her bandwagon so they can all get a piece of the pie (or so they think). Sorry folks, she has been exposed, and your outlandish comments, accusations, and race-baiting proves she is nothing but the same old Bronx political machine we have all had enough of and is killing this borough.

Great job BD...this is why I support the Boogiedowner.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that everyone seems to be attacking Desiree and Gustavo here.

On a cursory look of ErLu, they are not affiliated with Gustavo, Pedro or Desiree, in fact the only friend who of theirs on Facebook is one Fernando Tirado.

Before anyone continues to jump down the throats of the attacked to find the attacker they should do their research.

It is clear that BD is supporting Tirado.

Anonymous said...

BD also expressed dismay at Tirado's forced leave of absence from cb7...just sayin'...not to say that Tirado isn't qualified, just saying that it could be percieved that BD favors Tirado (which they are completely within their rights to)

Guywithacause said...

Actually if you read the initial posting from BD, and the subsequent responses, NOBODY was attacking anyone. We all just want a clarification of a very appropriate and serious question.

It was only when Desiree's supporters began making outlandish accusations and race-baiting did this particular posting go down a different path.

BD posed a great and legitimate question, and was met with a response from Desiree herself alleging that BD was prompted by another candidate, or had an 'agenda.' Trying to discredit BD, or alleging they are in the pocket of a rival candidate, or insinuating they are less than truthful because they asked a legitimate question, is simply a smear tactic that is the tried-and true strategy of scam artists.

Desiree had the opportunity to run a clean campaign, instead her and her supporters chose to hurl false accusations and race bait. She is nothing more than a scam artist and tried and true Bronx politician no better than Espada. Don't waste your vote on either of them.

Anonymous said...

Correct, the BD hasn't attacked anyone, and they deserve a medal for exposing this.

I am saying however that the comments have begun to try and place blame on other candidates, when it smells fishy that BD is friends with Tirado, and other people are saying other candidates are behind this post...

If I were attacking anyone, I'd do my research first...just sayin'

Guywithacause said...

The outlandish accusations by Desiree supports are not based on logic, facts, research or even common sense. They are simply trying to change the subject so that their candidate is not exposed as the scam artist she is, whether that be accusing BD was hypnotized by aliens or made a pact with the devil.

There is no rhyme or reason here..they are just hoping one of their accusations will stick so that Desirees scam will be brushed under the rug. Unfortunately, her response to BD was all the confirmation anyone needed..she is deflecting, accusing, and making outlandish comments instead of answering the simple question. And her supporters are doing the exact same thing.

This is not someone you want representing you, however I can see why other people who are pulling the same scams would support her..they want their piece of the pie. She will not have my vote, nor will Espada....and I suspect the Social Security Administration may be knocking on her door very soon.

Anonymous said...

I guess it remains to be seen if BD supports Tirado. I am not sure why they would. He has not a chance in hell of winning...but I still don't buy that they support Tirado.

What I do buy is that such a revelation makes the Desiree Pilgrim Hunter crowd look absolutely PARANOID about Gustavo Rivera. Or maybe obsessed is a better word. My goodness.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Rivera is focusing his campaign on Pedro Espada - where it should be.

More evidence of political novices in action.

Anonymous said...

Right about that - have you ever seen a campaign put out a press statement in which they artfully dodge the question and then accuse some nefarious unnamed campaign with an "agenda" without backing it up with any facts?

On second thought, we have seen this before. The last time I saw it was when Espada was charged by the AG. Think about the responses of Pilgrim-Hunter's campaign and her supporters on this blog in comparison to the way Espada responded to Cuomo. "They're out to get US...they're racists..."

Eerily similar. And she represents something new and fresh for the residents of the 33rd district?

Wow. What a HUGE disappointment. Desiree, in your short time in electoral politics, it seems the only person you've learned anything from is one PEDRO ESPADA.

Guywithacause said...

I think the title of political novice is unfounded here. Desiree and her supporters are simply race-baiting, self-serving scam artists that are doing/saying whatever necessary to get their candidate elected so they can all have their hands in the cookie jar.

Scam artists is more appropriate, or if you prefer to be more tactful, ignoramouses. Political novices though is about 4 levels higher and attempts to legitamize them as anything other than dummies.

Unknown said...

It seems that many of these comments are created to confuse or mislead readers. Some comments seem intent on fueling fire between specific challengers - going as far as using names suggestive of specific staff and leaders in the campaign teams. Perhaps the administrator could better screen these comments or take them down.

Anonymous said...

What most miss here is not the topic, but the way in which Boogiedowner has injected itself, it seems so less than proper for a site that is supposed to help build community to be so subjective. I was astonished and dismayed at the tone in the post. This day regardless of what many might feel about Pilgrim-Hunter, or the freedom of expression, this day was a very bad one for Boogiedowner. I have defriended it on Facebook as a symbol of my disapproval. We have enough accusatory "Fox News" like sites where mud is slung on the comments and negativity is the rule of the day. I expected so much more from Boogiedowner, so sad.


Lis said...


BD is subjective; it is a blog!

Anonymous said...

@ anon at 12:09AM

that's has actually been going on since the moment other people entered this race. Just another sign of how completely amateur and unprofessional Pilgrim-Hunter's campaign has been.

For the record, I don't find there is any sort of tone taken with this blog. An honest question was presented, asked an investigated, and the result is here for our eyes to see. The fact remains that this campaign exposes its weaknesses more and more everyday. The fact that they would even insinuate that this piece may be the workings of an opponent is unbelievable. And in a press release to a blog?Who does that?!!! I'm sure some of the people who supported and endorsed her when she was the only choice available are now looking at this and shaking their heads with embarrassment.

An it doesn't matter who BD may or may not be friends with. He never made an endorsement of comment of support to anyone in this post.

Guywithacause said...

Boogiedowner did what any person SHOULD do when comparing candidates: inquire, investigate, and THINK...which is exactly what they did. The only tone they struck was an inquisitive one, and for that they were met with false accusations, race-baiting, and their ethics were called into question.

This is simply a BLOG that reports news, and as it is a BLOG, we ALL share OPINIONS and views. I applaud BD for uncovering this, and I wish more of us were able to expose all the lies/deceits of our representatives and candidates.

It is ludicrous that Desiree chose to deflect and purposely hurl false allegations towards BD for asking a very relevant question. Her supporters jumped on the same deflect/race bait bandwagon and demonstrated how incompetent Desiree and her supporters are.

Keep up the good work BD. Espada and Desiree are no different in my eyes...we don't want to go from one scam artist to another.

Anonymous said...

Something rather strange has gone on with this blog over the last 18-24 hours. Ever since someone suggested that BD might be somehow connected to Tirado, the Pilgrim-Hunter supporters have gone absolutely silent.

What's up with that? When it was believed that BD was shilling for Gustavo Rivera, they were seething, accusing people of being racists, sexists, elitists, etc. etc. Now? Nothing...I guess putting out that press statement where the candidate herself all but accused Rivera - wrongly as it turns out - of being behind this was one of those "OOOPS!" moments that happen to someone who is simply not ready to be a State Senator.

If Espada is going to be beaten, Desiree Pilgrim Hunter is not the person to do it. The sooner all of those wanting Espada out realizes that, the better for the Bronx and the entire state of New York.

Anonymous said...

Amen to're right that the race-baiting on the part of the Hunter campaign ought to stop.

And a double AMEN! to BD. You practiced responsible citizen journalism and were met by a rabid, desperate bunch.

Mr. Nunez said...

Whatever. None of this doesn't matter. Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter was the first to run and although most of the support she gained was as the very beginning of the race when there was no other opponents, I'm sure what she has will be enough to beat Espada come September. You forget that people have been working on her campaign since DECEMBER! I'm positive her people must know what they're doing by now.

Anonymous said...

"None of this doesn't matter" Speaks for itself.

Juan D. said...

Weird is right. Ever since BD was linked with Gustavo,
the Desiree folks are silent.

Anonymous said...

Juan D? When did BD become linked to Gustavo...Tirado is the friend of ErLu on Facebook...

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I just finished reading the campaign's response. There is still no clear answer if she can work or not. Can somebody from the Pilgrim-Hunter camp answer if she can work or no? If she can work now, has she told the government or SS?

No real answers in that press release thing they posted.

And what about that company people posted about 'DesWorks', which looks like she was trying to pimp out her community organizing skills to make money in 2008 when she was unable to work.

What a fraud. Stay out of center stage and keep cashing your checks in anonymity

Juan D. said...

BD is not a Gustavo supporter? Now that's news!

Anonymous said...

BD should get back to attacking Espada. He's once again giving out free food coming in his district on July 10. Who pays for this food? That would make a good story.

Anonymous said...

Juan D. you obviously haven't read the posts and comments...ErLu (BD) is connected to ONLY one person in the Fernando Tirado. I would stop assuming that there for someone else before doing research...

Anonymous said...

BD is being overly simplistic. Sure it sounds good to say either you can work (and shouldn't get disability) or you can't (and shouldn't run). But actual life is not that cut and dried. Ms. Pilgrim Hunter is legitimately on disablity. She has a real injury that gives her real pain and makes it actually difficult to work. She is not scamming anyone, she has been honoest and is legitimately qualified for disability. Running for office is unique in many ways - she has aides that can help her with tasks that would be difficult for her to do. This may be the perfect kind of job for someone like her who is very intelligent, committed to the community and hard working - yet has a disability that would make it difficult for her to do other jobs. Instead of disqualifying her because of her disability, let's look instead at her ability, what she has to offer. Compare that with the other candidates and make a choice.

Anonymous said...

c'mon now. for christ's sake. she wasn't a longsoreman with no education. she couldn't have held an office job at any point in the last decade? stop defending this scammer.

Boogiedowner said...

anon @ 8:13

So you're basically saying that the only job Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter is capable of doing is being a state senator? That is ludicrous.

She will in the future not be able to maintain any gainful employment that is not being a legislator? Since her injury, the only job should would have been capable of doing is being a state senator?

This argument just doesn't hold any water with me.

Anonymous said...

Who made BD judge and jury? or God?

Boogiedowner said...

Huh? I am a voter. I, and every other voter in the 33rd district, are the judges of the candidates vying for my vote. That's kind of how elections work; you judge the worthiness, character, and resumes of the candidates and cast votes based on your research.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, BD. Everyone should look in to each candidate and see who is the person that will best represent us and do good for our community.

I'll give Pilgrim-Hunter the benefit of the doubt and say that these attacks may not be coming from her personally. She may not even be participating or telling her people to do this; and perhaps her people are doing all of this on their own. What is clear is that with all of these recent attacks and deflections, she is not ready for the big show (she certainly isn't ready for a battle with Espada). And if it is true that a lot of these comments are from the people who are actually running her campaign, then I will pray that they don't come into office (although it seems that will be highly unlikey). If this is the way they chose to conduct themselves while campaigning, I can't imagine what they're capable of once in office. Needless to say, this campaign has lost my respect. I thought that after running this campaign for several months they would continue to stay strong even with the newer, younger candidates. However it appears as though now they're showing their true colors.

Anonymous said...

If she is claiming a disability that prevents her from working, it's just an obvious lie.

In my office, there is a woman who comes to work every day in her power chair. Meanwhile, this clown is standing, walking, waving things around for the whole length of the Puerto Rican parade? And still says she can't manage to work in an office???

This is not jumping to conclusions. She posted the incriminating photos on photostream:

It is simply impossible to believe that a woman that active on the parade route can't manage to come work in an office like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Here's something I don't understand: if Pilgrim-Hunter has always been straight forward about being disabled, is proud about living with/through it, wants to be an advocate for it, etc. Why did the 504 Democrats endorse Rivera?

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! My back is cured!

Oh, wait, no. My back still hurts. Where's my check?

Anonymous said...

Oops, the link didn't work. Kind of like Desiree, I guess!

Try this photo of hers:

Anonymous said...

These photos are incredible. How can anyone claim to be disabled and walk the entire route of the Puerto Rican Day parade???

Is there a chance that there might be a fraud case here? Great...two out of the five candidates in the race who have probably bilked the taxpayers. Is there anyone in this race who is honest?

Anonymous said...

What about her educational background.

Can we ask questions about that? Or does that make us "elitist"???

Her facebook page says she finished high school in 1975 and NYU in 1977. Elsewhere she is consistently described as an "NYU graduate." Nowhere does it state what degree she earned.

Was she so motivated and bright, she got a bachelor's in just two years? (Seems unlikely!)

Or did she get an Associates degree? Or was it just a certification program?

What program was it? Something relevant to running for Senate (probably not, or she would list it), or did she spend two years learning basket weaving?

Calling yourself an "NYU graduate," if you didn't get a bachelor's seems a little disingenuous, even if it is technically true. When you say "NYU graduate," people assume you earned a bachelor's degree.

A little more transparency would be nice.

Anonymous said...

How or why exactly does the Working Families Party endorse someone who doesn't work because she is disabled, only to now say that she can work but only as a State Senator? Unbelievable. Really, WFP? This is the person you chose for our community?

LUIS A. RAMOS said...











Anonymous said...


When you choose to run for public office, you choose to make information about yourself public.

Even with her efforts to hide information, the truth of the matter is getting rather clear. This lady is just taking from the community.

If she could give back to the community by working as senator, she should be giving back to the community right now by working in an office and paying income taxes and paying into Social Security, just like the rest of us.

She clearly could work. The fact she is campaigning for a job says as much, and the photos she is posting from the campaign trail show she is physically capable of doing more than would be required in a typical office job.

Your comparison to Governor Paterson makes the point. He hasn't sat around taking handouts because of his disability, he works.

There are a lot of hardworking disabled individuals, and a whole lot of hardworking immigrants, who live in the 33rd Senate District. This lady just does not represent our work ethic.

Anonymous said...

There is a HUGE difference between having a disability and receiving federal funds for being unable to work.

Neither ErLu nor any of the commenters have criticized Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter for her disability. The criticism is for her receiving funds for being UNABLE to work while actively campaigning and publicly stating that she is ABLE to work. Further, her own spokesperson said she intends to keep receiving the checks for being UNABLE to work while also receiving taxpayers' money as salary.

Anonymous said...

Two questions:
1. Was Paterson on disability before he was elected into office?
2. Did he receive disability checks after being in office?

If the answer to both of these is yes, then the comparison is legitimate. If no, then the comparison doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

We can guess how effective Desiree will be at solving the MTA's problems.

You know, dealing with runaway costs from employees scamming the system, like the disability abuse at Long Island Railroad:

I'm sure she'll just yell at the MTA executives, and accuse them of discrimination like she does with everyone else.

Anonymous said...

What's up with all of the discrepancies coming from this campaign? In her announcement for candidacy, she says she got injured in 2006:!/pages/Desiree-Hunter/112159828816942?v=app_2347471856&ref=search

But the release/response from her campaign says she was injured in 2000.

Also, why was she so defensive about this whole situation from the get go (she talks about not being able to work but that this injury doesn't prevent her from running for office)? Why is she and her campaign so defensive about this if there isn't anything to hide?

jeffe de los jeffes said...

Good Point. Which is it?

"I was born with a spinal defect that required major surgery when I was a teenager. In 2006, I sustained a work-related injury to my back and was diagnosed as disabled."

-from her announcement speech!/pages/Desiree-Hunter/112159828816942?v=app_2347471856


"In 2000, she sustained a serious work-related injury and was diagnosed disabled, never again to do the type of work she was doing at that time."

-from her official response

Anonymous said...

You guys are all being anti-immigrant. How many of us came at a young age to the United States from London after a parent got a job at the United Nations? How many us had to struggle at our exclusive Upper East Side high school (like say the Dalton School) to get into and graduate(?) from NYU? All of this to only end up in a condo within a gated-community (like Fordham Hill Oval), running for office in a district where the median income is $24,000 a year?

Come on, you guys. Don't beat up on this typical immigrant story.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nunez...

On July 2nd, you stated, "You forget that people have been working on her campaign since DECEMBER!"

Was this before or after the defeat of the Kingsbridge Armory plan?

Anonymous said...

"Many of us may be poor, but poor leadership should not be our destiny. Many of us may not have been granted our papers, but nor does this mean we should be taken for granted."

This really starts to sound ridiculous when it's put in the words of the above comment @9:32PM last night. This person is clearly not fit to run this district and represent anyone in Albany. I hope Pilgrim-Hunter does the right thing and drops out from the race before she is able to take a few votes (though probably insignificant) away from a stronger, honest and better candidate.

Anonymous said...

hater, you a friend of espada? or one of the other slick cats in the election? at least she is engaged in some way, not a couch sitting blogger with real estate agent dreams

Anonymous said...

Anyone who cares enough and is engaged enough in the politics of their community to question and do a little research on the people who want to represent us in Albany is a "hater?"

What a well put and informed assessment, guy. Let's not take out one corrupt liar for another. Espada must go, yes. But we can't replace him with just anyone...certainly not Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter from what I've gathered in the last few weeks.

Is it true she only now registered to vote just in time to get her name on the ballot? If she cares so much for her community (and by that I mean the 33rd district, not just the gated community where she lives), why hasn't she been motivated enough to vote before - a vote for a president, a vote against Espada...anything???

Unknown said...

Several of the comments appear to be the work of people who are intentionally trying to pose as specific individuals inside some of the campaign teams. I want to encourage readers to question the intent and content of much of this banter which strikes me as disingenuous efforts to create an argument between viable campaigns that oppose Mr. Espada.

Anonymous said...

Boogie downer:

You will not doubt get no response from the Hunter campaign, but I really wonder if someone could get a straight story from them as to why there is a discrepancy in their statements about when she sustained this debilitating injury. Why in April did she say it happened in 2006, and then last week her statement to you said it happened in 2000? Last week she said she began receiving the payments in 2006; two months ago she said that the injury happened in 2006.

I think the voting public has the right to know the whole story without violating her privacy. Reading the announcement speech again, it is very peculiar that so much time is spent on defending attacks that were not even in existence - as if the campaign expected that this would be an issue of concern.

Haven't we learned that the cover up is always worse than the offense? The campaign should simply produce an accurate timeline that doesn't contradict itself. And then let people come to their own INFORMED conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Inspired by your muck racking, I called NYU to see why the Pigrim Hunter only attended for two years.

They confirmed that a 'Desiree Pilgrim' received an Associates Degree from NYU in 1977 in general studies.

While she never said that she has a Bachelor's, calling yourself a "graduate of NYU" makes it seem as if you had received at least a Bachelor's degree.

Why hide, obscure your education and employment?


Anonymous said...

Yes that is more than a little not explicitly say that "graduating" from NYU as has been reported in blog after blog really means an associates degree. Usually associates degrees are granted by community colleges. To say NYU implies she has a four year bachelor's degree.

There is a growing problem here: Desiree Hunter is not completely forthright and honest about her background.

Another question: she was born in London to Guayanese parents. At the time she was born, Guyana was a colony of Great Britain. does this mean she was a British citizen before she became an American citizen? Does she then have dual British-American citizenship since the US has a dual citizenship arrangement with GB?

Where was she a citizen of before she became an American citizen? She said she was "illegal" or undocumented for a while...How are you undocumented if you came to this country with your parents on a visa to work for the UN? Is that possible?

Again, more questions about background that are important for people to know.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is more than a little not explicitly say that "graduating" from NYU as has been reported in blog after blog really means an associates degree. Usually associates degrees are granted by community colleges. To say NYU implies she has a four year bachelor's degree.

There is a growing problem here: Desiree Hunter is not completely forthright and honest about her background.

Another question: she was born in London to Guayanese parents. At the time she was born, Guyana was a colony of Great Britain. does this mean she was a British citizen before she became an American citizen? Does she then have dual British-American citizenship since the US has a dual citizenship arrangement with GB?

Where was she a citizen of before she became an American citizen? She said she was "illegal" or undocumented for a while...How are you undocumented if you came to this country with your parents on a visa to work for the UN? Is that possible?

Again, more questions about background that are important for people to know.

anthony rivieccio said...

maybe the saddest thing about this post: If Boogiedowner....who is now part of a community organization called "Friends of Mosholu Parkway" would have spent all THIS TIME AND ENERGY CLEANING UP THEIR AFTER PARK MUSIC EVENT or attending community related events to learn about our community troubles--instead of Spending all of theie time and energy on espada---the residents of Mosholu Parkway would not have to spent THE LAST 3 DAYS cleaning up over 30 buckets infested with garbage and rats.

as with most in our a former CB7 member and 30 year CD7 Resident, I love and encourage for all to particapate and learn about the community I also fell in love with 30 years ago, but we need to stop having these "I just gratudated from Fordham U/Let me move into the neighborhood and change it" activities BEFORE YOU FIRST learn about all of the unique characterists of the neighborhood.

Why Am I a Desiree Supporter....Simple....SHE LIVES IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD./....OR Has 1 forgot....that is a qualification

Anonymous said...


Is living in the neighborhood all it takes to gain your support? If so, I believe ALL of the candidates live in the 33rd District. How about supporting a candidate with experience, integrity, forthright about their history, someone who will know how to be a state senator from the moment they are elected?

Or were you being facetious when you said that's a qualification? If so, funny!

Boogiedowner said...


While I wish I had the power to refrain from responding to your unfound accusations, they demand to be addressed.
What does being a Fordham graduate have to do with anything? And by the way, my wife and I graduated in 2002 - we hardly "just graduated" as you say. Your claim that our relative newness to the neighborhood disqualifies us from being active in it is ludicrous. We're not trying to change the Bronx, but improve it. Many people would say that organizing an acoustic music event on the Mosh is a great way of being involved in one's community. You were at the FOMP event and seemed to be enjoying yourself. There was no litter left. I am not sure from where you accusation is coming. The extra trash bins that Parks set our for us must have been filled by people who used the Mosholu Parkway after our event. I think your issue is more with Parks than with FOMP. Who cleaned up 30 buckets of garbage? There were about 20 people at the event in total (most of whom did not picnic). The event was also held on June 19th (2.5 weeks ago). Where was the immediate outcry if the event left uncollected garbage?

If living in the neighborhood makes one worthy of being a candidate for state senate, there are a whole lot of candidates out there.

You have a lot of misplaced anger.

You comment has very little to do with the 33rd race. Let's stay on topic. It seems rather personal, frankly.


Anonymous said...

This notion of a candidate being qualified merely because of their residence in the district is stupid. All of the damn candidates live in the 33rd as earlier stated. All of this "homegrown" crap is not a qualification to lead. This line of logic is fallacious on several fronts the first being that any candidate elected will ultimately be responsible for neighborhoods they are not from. A candidate who resides in Mosholu will be responsible equally for Mosholu as they are Kingsbridge, University Heights, parts of Riverdale etc. So the fact that Desiree is from Kingsbridge, or wherever, qualifies her to lead the constituents in the lower part of the district? The answer of course is no--what should qualify her or any candidate for that matter is her ability and potential to lead. This parochial attack on Boogiedowner is a distraction and avenue for vent up frustration with "newer" residents being more active than some of the 30 year vets. Stick to the issues please. All of the banter spewed by the Desiree supporters here has been void of accenting her ability to lead the constituency. Too much defense, too much, "she was first", "she's an NYU graduate", "she's an immigrant", "she's from the neighborhood". I don't give a crap about that. Can she carry out senatorial duties? If no, sit the hell down please.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with the last comment more. I really hope some people are able to talk some sense into her and she finally drops out of the race. I can't imagine where she attained the belief that she was ever qualified enough to be a state senator. Let's hope she does the right thing and drops out before she is able to take away a few votes from the strongest candidate, someone who will not only be able to beat Espada but also prepared to be a state senator from the moment they are elected.

Anonymous said...

To reply to anonymous comment from July 6th @ 1:08AM:

I believe the Kingsbride Armory plan died in mid December. I assume Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter started working on her campaign shortly there after.

Anonymous said...

antonito, your comment makes no sense.

you support a candidate.who is not from the bronx, but moved here after going to nyu.

then you hate on people who moved here after going to fordham. because they are not from here?

your lady lives in a gated community, but you say she lives in the community more than boogidowners? i am not sure, but would be willing to bet boogiedowners have been refistered to vote here longer than your lady.

you criticize a groiup formed to help make mosholu parkway better? i saw them cleaning up om its my park. where were you?

and where is your lady with devoe park? her neighbors outside the gates have problems with the park. where is she? doesn't bother her inside the gates?

Anonymous said...

For a well researched and balanced discussion of Pilgrim Hunter's disability and the ethical implications of her running for office, see the current issue of

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous from July 9th, fair? Balanced?

It reads more like a puff piece for damage control purposes and promoting Ms Hunter with free advertising. Its pretty obvious that BxNN is biased in this race...

Guywithacause said...

Thanks to the Boogiedowner, we (and by we I mean taxpayers) have pretty much guaranteed that Ms. Pilgrim will go back to being simply "disabled" since she will not win the election. Funny how you can choose to be disabled when it meets your needs...

Anonymous said...

I have a guy in my community who I think is doing the same. How do you find something like that out?