Thursday, April 30, 2009

Listing of the Day: Throgg's Neck Rental

2613 Schurz Avenue, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms - $1800/month

This is a find if you need a ton of space in a nice residential nabe. Located in Throgg's Neck (keep the extra G for the old timers), this apartment is new construction with parking (PARKING!) and a balcony. It's right on that small strip of coast that lies between the Whitestone and the Throg's Neck Bridges (no extra G on the bridge, thank you Robert Moses...). You'd be just northeast of Ferry Point Park.

While new construction does have the chance of being shoddily done and being put up a bit too quickly, this at least looks like it's pretty nice. Really high ceilings and what looks like nice space with an open floor plan. At the very least you'd be getting a ton of space for $1800/month.

Not a lot of subways in this neck of the woods (pun intended!). You'd either get used to the car culture and utilize that parking that comes with the apartment or rock the express bus like most Throgg's Neck residents who commute into Manhattan. If the MTA fare hikes have you down on the express bus, you could also do the local to a subway stop (probably the 6) and save a few bucks.



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