Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Listing of the Day: Price Chop Stalker, Part 2

265 Alexander Avenue, 5 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms - $350,000

It's a brownstone blood bath out there. This unit was listed for $525,000 back in October when Boogiedowner first profiled it (Great Trig Palin joke after the jump, and no, it's not about his special needs. Honest. It's about his slutty older sister). Then BoogieDowner gave it the old price chop treatment on January 27th when we saw that it was listed for $399,000. Now BoogieDowner's freakish real estate searching habits have discovered that it's been reduced again to $350,000. Let's put this into perspective: that's a $175K reduction in 5 months, or $35K/month, or $1,166/day, or about $48.58 per hour in price reductions on this listing. SCARY...
On the positive side, Alexander Avenue is one of the prettiest in Mott Haven. All those Brownstones are simply beautiful. You'd also be close decent eating options with Alexander's, Bruckner Bar and Grill, and Santa Clarita close by.

Roll up you sleeves and put a little TLC into this puppy and you could have a very nice Bronx brownstone for a crazy cheap price once this whole shit show of an economy settles itself out. Or wait a little longer and see if this ever drops below the $300K mark.

The transportation is pretty sweet with the 6 at 138th and 3rd Ave, and Manhattan only being 1 stop away.




Unknown said...

That area of the Bronx is architecturally beautiful, what with the Brownstones, Precinct Building, Old School Warehouses, the Clock Tower Building, the Antique stores on Bruckner Blvd there are some really beautiful hidden Gems. Unfortunately for this particular Street the police use it as their parking lot (funny how as a cop when you get assigned to a precinct you are not automatically guaranteed a parking spot but yet the cops seem to think so, as they usurp complete city streets and at times park in crosswalks and at hydrants that if anyone else did they would get at the very least a ticket). It takes away from the neighborhood if you have an overwhelming amount of cars parked every which way. Anyone with a car will not consider this location at all. (Not that a car in this neighborhood is essential.) If your Friends and Family cannot find parking they will not visit.

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