Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Espada Getting Closer to Opening a District Office

Our second call to Pedro Espada Jr.'s office as a concerned constituent yielded a little more information this time about the status of his still unopened district office.

Upon our first request about the office this afternoon, the woman who answered the phone would only say that it was "in the works." When pressed for a time line and location, she would only say "in the works." Then when pressed a bit more, she said "sometime next month." When she refused to divulge the information about the location I asked her if someone in the office could please find out. She put me on hold for a few minutes and came back to say "Fordham Road." When I informed her that Fordham Road is a rather large thoroughfare and that I would like to know the address, she said she didn't know. When I found that to be incredible (and probably untrue) I continued to press and was finally given the address of 400 E. Fordham Road (from the same person who claimed ignorance of the address a few moments before). Why she would have withheld this information is beyond me.

This seems to confirm Liz Benjamin's post last week that stated 400 E. Fordham Rd. will be the location of Mr. Espada's ever-elusive and yet to be opened district office (there's also some juicy stuff in the post about the $60K+ in campaign finance fines Mr. Espada still owes).

Maybe BoogieDowner will call next time not simply as concerned constituents, which we are, but rather as a press outlet (lowly bloggers we are). Do you think Mr. Espada would ever grant us an interview? Probably not...


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