Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grass Root Organizations and Local Political Leaders Organize a Community Walk to Save JHS80

Here is news on a coalition of grass root organizations and local political leaders fighting against the destructive policies of of DOE and their hell bent quest to privatize our public schools. After Murdock and Company owns our public education system it will be too late! Kudos to local activist Anthony Riveccio for his late night e-mails informing the community about the upcoming "Community Walk to Save the Sprit of JHS80".



Friends of MS80

News Release 3/31/2012

"Join our Community Walk
to save the spirit of JHS80"

The Department of Education of New York City has requested that JHS80, at 149 E Mosholu Pky, be closed as of 6/30/2012 and be replaced wiith a new Middle School IS575.

The School (JHS80), serving grades 6-8 has been in The Norwood Community since 1924. Since its inception, it has graduated many notables including:
*Comedian Robert Klein
*Actress Penny Marshall
*Director Rob Reiner
*Designes Ralph Lauren & Calvin Klein

Since the announcement , a coalition of : residents, merchants and public officals have created: Friends of MS80-
for the sole purpose of asking ALL WHO CARE to attend The Public Hearing at JHS 80 on April 16th to advocate for
*To Open A New School with The Name MS80/Isabel Rooney

*Demand Better Treatment & keepage of Teachers

*Better services within the school



Where will our kids graduate next year?

Where will our children be going to summer school this year?

What's going to happen when the Department of Education closes JHS 80 in June?

Join us in Demanding "JHS80" Justice with our Public Officals

A Community Walk

For JHS80 Justice!

Date :Tuesday April 3rd

Place: 149 E Mosholu Parkway North(across from JHS80) to Mosholu Montefiore Community Center(Dekalb & Gun Hill)

Time: 3:30PM

Don't let others take the decision from YOU, YOUR CHILD,


Organized by:

The Friends of MS80

*Bronxites For Parks

*United Federation of Teachers

*204th St/Bainbridge Ave

Merchant Association

*North Bronx Thinktank

*Legislative offices of:

Senator Gustavo Rivera

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz

Councilman G. Oliver Koppell

Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera

*Northwest Bronx Democrats


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Anonymous said...

Someone please tell Anthony Riveccio that "@" means "at" not "and."
It's really hilarious that even the organizers bailed on this rally: