Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Friends of JHS80 Update

Here is community news sent by the "Friends of "JHS80". They even mention the Boogiedowner!


Friends of JHS80 Update

I just wanted to give all attached to this email an update as to.our efforts thus far in making sure our Bronx communities attend the APRIL 16th Public Hearing on JHS80!

First Good News

As you can see below some of our discussions are starting to hit the local media. The Boogie downer, is a very active NWBronx social media place. The Bronx Times, of course, is one of our leading local newspapers. WERE COVERED! And in the bronx times-on page 1. And the links are below:



2-we have an email (pass to community)

3-We have just received communication from The NY Daily News @ Borough President Ruben Diaz Jrs office so we expect a follow up soon

Now The Bad News
As per part of the school turnaround program, Ms Lovey Rivera, The Principal has been re-assigned!.

While of course this is part of the process it SHOULD shake us up to make sure even MORE PEOPLE attend the public hearing

A Community Alternative Proposal
Close JHS80-OPEN MS80
(The formal proposal is attached)

And we will be doing 4 special projects that I would like to ask your assistance in(especially the last 2)

1-Today(tuesday) -their will be a public meeting of the whole board of Community Board 7, at Mosholu Montefiore Community center, (dekalb @ gun hill) at 6PM. (They are the community advisory body to the mayor)
It would be great durng the public gallary session (6-7pm) you must sign up prior on first come first serve basis) if ANYONE or, parent child administrator, etc could attend and explain the need for the keepage of MS80.

2- Wednesday Night-5:30PM
Community School District 10 is having an open house at JHS80 to meet The New Principal( we see this as a good way to inform (we have NEW flyers if anyone needs)the norwood residents about the public Hearing

3-NEXT TUESDAY, 6:30pm, CB7 Holds their Education Committee meeting in their office at 229A E.204th (Bedford Park off Valentine ave). It is important if anyone can come to testify.

4 NEXT Thursday-330pm
The norwood community is considering a short "community march" to their legislative office at Mosholu Montefiore community center.

I will keep you posted as we move forward. Please feel free to share any materials with your network and shoot any ideas concerns suggestions recommendations to me via email.If you would like to assist with the above activities email me ASAP please
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