Friday, October 14, 2011

Bronx Occupy Wall Street Supporters Joining Protestors on October 15th

Fortunately there was not a showdown in Zuccotti Park this morning during the attempted "foreclosure of Zuccotti Park" from the Occupy Wall Street protestors. Besides the hundreds of thousands of individuals who signed the petition circulated yesterday to protest the proposed eviction disguised as a "cleaning", hundreds if not thousands of additional supporters showed up at 6am this morning to show solidarity with the movement.

It made me proud to be an American witnessing the news clips during the last 24 hours which showed brave men and women, from all walks of life, cleaning the park and waiting for their opportunity to be arrested in support of Democracy. I feel guilty that I was not there in solidarity with the protestors. It's a shame that much of the spin from the major media owned by the 1% or their puppets, does everything they can to undermine these American HEROES protecting our Democracy.

If the owners of the Zuccotti Park, Brookfield Properties, are so concerned about hygiene, why not place portable bathrooms at the park in support of the protestors and free speech in America? Some interesting allegations/finds were made/exposed in today’s Daily News article entitled “Owners of Zuccotti a lotti 9/11 money” written by Greg B. Smith. Firstly, Brookfield’s subsidiaries received “at least three six figure grants meant for small businesses hurt by 9/11, even though it’s an $8 billion company with 2,500 employees records show”. Secondly, the article alleges “Brookfield’s parent company owns and manages seven major office buildings around lower Manhattan with 12.8 Million square feet of office space, including the World Trade Center, which was heavily damaged in the attacks”. Not only is the large conglomerate collecting funds meant for small businesses, but I would assume the recent crushing Port Authority hikes, which a large portion is allocated to the reconstruction of the World Trade Center, will end up in their pocket as well. As the allegations are investigated it’s no wonder why the park owners, who I also assume maintain the park for major tax concessions or other perks such as increased FAR or building variances on other developments would deny the thousands of protestors potable bathroom stalls and then complain about park hygiene. I am a strong proponent of personal property. America is built on the principle but someone needs to secure the agreement between the park and government entity that defined the deal that converted the park to a 24 hour public access park. I am sure the “99%” paid handsomely for Zuccotti Park. Just like

Please review the e-mail circulating related to tomorrow’s gatherings and demonstrations. I also attached a photo taken at the demonstration showing the growing disparity in wealth in America. The only class warfare going in is an assault by some in America stop 1% against Americas poor and middle class.


The 99%...

On October 15th, HISTORY is being made. For the first time ever, a Global Demonstration will occur in hundreds of cities around the world. Millions of people will peacefully protest in solidarity, representing 99% of humanity. There are numerous causes being fought for, all spearheaded by a single principle...THE PEOPLE's VOICE MUST BE HEARD.

October 15, 11am, we will be gathering at Fordham Plaza in the Bronx. From... there we will head to the train and go down to Occupy Wall Street as one unit.

It is time Bronxites gathered together, and in the spirit of our reputation as being tough no nonsense citizens, we will show our resolve and peacefully protest, walking in solidarity with our neighbors.

The Bronx contains one of the five poorest Congressional Districts in the entire COUNTRY. Yet we house a sport franchise that has the highest payroll in professional sports...That is but one example of the duality our borough endures.

Please spread the word, as this will be the beginning of us manifesting our own local occupation and further events.


Anonymous said...

This is a protest that has no meaning or direction, the tea party is different they want lower taxes social security medicare and medicaid why not protest at the white house that is where all the money came from

Environmental Training Courses said...

I don't think it's meaningless. I think it's a step to get what they want. I still hope that they clean the park after all this.