Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bill O'Reilly Puts his Foot in his Mouth on Letterman by Predicting End of Occupy Wall Street Rallies as Local Activists Hunker Down for a Long Winter

Did anyone witness Bill O'Reilly of the Factor put his foot in his mouth by predicting on David Letterman that the Occupy Wall Street movement would dissipate after the attempted eviction on Friday morning? Please see the e-mail sent by local Occupy Wall Street organizers Mark Naison of Fordham University and Ira Shor of CUNY advocating for the collection of winter gear to sustain the protest through the winter. Again Mr. O'Reilly proves his ability to completely miss the pulse of average Americans as protests spread thought America.

What Mr. O'Reilly should be investigating in his “no spin zone” is the follow up related to Greg B. Smiths, October 14th Daily News article entitled "Owners of Zuccotti got a lotti 9/11 money". The article alleges subsidiaries of Brookfield Properties LLC, the $8 Billion conglomerate that owns Zuccotti Park, filed and received at least three six-figure grants meant for small business hurt by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Why is a subsidiary of a conglomerate worth an estimated $8 billion receiving small business grants from the Empire State Development Corporation???? So far $700,000 in small business grants to Brookfield LLC subsidiaries have been discovered. To review the digital article found on the Daily News site, with a slightly different title, and get the full stench here is the link:

It's a shame that every time the American public turns around they find a large corporation abusing their power and influence. It's no wonder the streets are flooding with irate protestors.

E-mail sent by Mark Naison and Ira Shore in their attempt to support Occupy Wall Street Protests:

"The Wall Street Occupation Needs Winter Gear! We the 99% have a great stake in the Wall Street Occupation. We can help the Occupation win by supplying its needs and by spreading its protest message across America. Food is already pouring in because so many oppose the 1%. Now, winter is coming! The Occupation needs warm, waterproof gear to make it to Spring: boots, socks, sleeping bags, tarps, polartec shirtsand pants, thermal underwear, gloves, scarves. Please start with others a "99% Club" where you are to protest inequality and to collect gear for the outdoor camps in NY and other cities where thousands sleep every night.

Send Gear to: OWS, c/o UPS Store, 118A Fulton Street, #205, NY, NY 10038
Checks or Money Orders to: Alliance for Global Justice, 1247 "E"Street, SE Washington, DC, 20003. Write on Ck or MO "Occupy WallStreet" or call 202-544-9355 to donate funds for winter gear. Our Winter Soldiers on Wall Street are counting on us and we are counting on them."

Mark Naison, Fordham Univerity
Ira Shor, CUNY Graduate Center

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