Friday, August 5, 2011

Gun Hill Road by Bronx Director Rashaad Ernesto Greens Opens Today at Select Theatres

Today is the opening day for "Gun Hill Road". We talked about the film and it's upcoming director Rashaad Ernesto Green often on this web site. Know that it’s in theaters I hope everyone takes time to support the movie, much like the entire staff and ownership of “Gun Hill Road” supported the Bronx. As someone who helped secure locations for the film, I can attest to Rashaad's adamant stance that the entire film be filmed in the Bronx. It was also an honor for him to be involved in the first ever Bronx Week Film Festival were Rashaad and other cast and crew members took time from their busy schedule to preview the film in the festival and attend the gala event at the Bronx Museum of the Arts a few months back.

I posted a trailer from the film below and listed were the film will preview in the NYC area, starting today. Esai Morales and Harmony Santana will attend various filming today to help promote the film. When working with the film crew, I got the opportunity to speak with both. Once again you could not ask for more genuine, kind people both of which have Bronx roots. Also attached is their web site for additional information. I hope everyone takes time to log onto their web site and see the film. Please do note the film is rated R and does deal with serious issues related to sex and gender. This is not a Disney feel good movie.


Angelika New York
18 West Houston Street, New York
05 - 11 Aug 2011

AMC Bay Plaza 13
2210 Bartow Avenue, Bronx, NY
05 - 11 Aug 2011

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