Monday, August 1, 2011

BoogieDowner Summer Hot Spots: Photos from the North Fork of Long Island

I hope everyone is remembering to find some free time to enjoy their summer.

Here are some photos taken this weekend on the North Fork of Long Island. Besides beaches and great nature the North Fork of Long Island has a lot to offer, including dozens of top quality wineries. It truly is one of my favorite get away spots.

For more information here is the web site and phone # to the North Fork Chamber of Commerce;

North Fork Chamber of Commerce
(631) 765-3161

(Greenport Harbor, L.I.)

(Skrimshaw Restaurant, Greenport, L.I.)

( Lavender farm, East Marion, L.I.)

(Lavender farm, East Marion, L.I.)
(Flower Garden, East Marion, L.I.)


Anonymous said...

I thought this was a bronx blog?

Anonymous said...

He's Greek, and this is where they hang out in summer. He can afford what most Bronxites cannot.
Guess the real estate business isn't so bad.

Anonymous said...

This used to be a good bronx blog. I wish someone would make a good bronx blog.

Boogiedowner said...

Relax. Enjoy the photos.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if BD understands the meaning of feedback. He goes on the defensive immediately, whether a comment is about the content of a post or about his atrocious English. There is no dialogue in this blog.
Many would welcome a real Bronx Blog.
Anyone with time, knowledge, skills, and openness to dialogue?

Anonymous said...

I know their not blogs but there are many good facebook groups about the Bronx. I belong to a few. There is always good discussion about actual things going on IN THE BRONX

Boogiedowner said...

You’re welcome to do something constructive and send a list. I have no objection in posting it. I am sure I will wait in vain however, since some people are prone to action and other just whine.

Bronx residents do have the right to take a trip someplace outside the Bronx, especially to enjoy the summer.


Anonymous said...

Guys just check out

Anonymous said...

Here is a small list of websites for you to write about...

In addition to this blog these are where I get all my bronx news.