Monday, August 8, 2011

BoogieDowner Street Art: Homeless Street Artist Reflects on Americas "Working Poor" and Loss of S&P AAA Credit Rating

(Who constitutes Americas Working Poor?)

As various Republican political forces use spin words like "Brinkmanship" to cover up their reckless handing of the U.S. dollar and world economy, a local "street artist" tells it like it is with his recent display caught on film above. The art display consisted of a large mirror with the words "WORKING POOR" painted on it. He also made a banner related to our recent sovereign credit score downgrade by S&P.

In the past I enjoyed his performance art pieces including the time he stood naked, with the exception of a white towel covering his privates, while balancing a crescent shaped watermelon brine on his head. Who is this modern day Diogenes? As our nation slides deeper into debt and oligopoly it's refreshing to know not everyone is fooled, even if it’s a half naked man balancing a watermelon brine just off the FDR. By the way, if anyone was born yesterday most of our debt was run up by Republican presidents.

The free art exhibits can be found while driving South on the FDR around 125th street. I think it's a safe to assume no taxpayer funds were used in any of his past or present art exhibitions. Gregory

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