Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CWA Spearheads Rally against Verizon Securing Multimillion Dollar Deal with NYC DOE

Here is more on the pending Verizon contract with the NYC Department of Education and a rally spearheaded by CWA. The protestors are against the city ratifying the contract with verizon due to allegations of corporate greed and outright fraud by Verizon perpetuated against NYC taxpayers. Please see a copy of the press release sent with information about the rally scheduled for today and their allegations against Verizon.

Rally to protest the NYC Department of Education’s proposed $120 million contract with Verizon before Panel for Education Policy’s vote

Wed. August 17, 2011, hundreds of parents, teachers, elected
officials, community activists and striking Verizon workers will speak
out against the NYC Department of Education’s proposed $120 million, two
year Verizon contract. A meeting and vote of the Panel for Educational Policy
will follow.

WHO: Parents, teachers, community activists, elected officials, union
leaders, and striking Verizon workers

WHAT: Rally to oppose an egregious, wasteful and possibly illegal $120
million Verizon contract

WHERE: Murry Bergtraum HS, 411 Pearl Street, in lower Manhattan

WHEN: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 5 PM

The NYC Department of Education proposes to grant a two year, $120
million contract to Verizon, despite the company’s demand for huge and unfair
givebacks from their workers, despite Verizon being implicated in a $3.7
million fraud against the DOE, despite twenty other instances of
questionable corporate activities, despite the fact that all schools are
already wired for the internet and schools are suffering huge budget
cuts, sharply rising class sizes, and stagnant achievement levels, and
despite the fact that this contract began last January, without any vote of the
Panel for Educational Policy (PEP), making it potentially illegal.

The PEP will vote on this contract at a meeting at Murry Bergtraum High
School in downtown Manhattan, starting at 6 PM.

Before the meeting, at 5 PM, hundreds of striking Verizon workers, along
with parents, teachers, elected officials, union leaders and community
activists, will speak out against it.

For more information, see "Five reasons to say NO! to the DOE's $120
million contract with Verizon" at

Bob Master, CWA: 212-344-2515/917-657-6483:
Leonie Haimson, Class Size Matters: 917-435-9329
Julie Cavanagh, GEM: 917- 836-6465
Zakiyah Ansari, CEJ: 917- 309-5742

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