Saturday, August 13, 2011

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Stands with Phone Company Strikers

Assemblyman Dinowitz has shown his support for the Verizon workers on strike by recently joining the picket line outside the Verizon Wireless Store on Fordham Road. His staff also issued the following press release with strong language in their defense. Once again health care and retirement benefits are a main issue of negotiations.

I am thoroughly entangled with Verizon services, but I must admit the strike and allegations against them will make me reconsider future decisions. Are the other wireless providers any better in how they treat their workers? Does Verizon ship a higher percentage of jobs over seas? Is there any legislation, active or proposed, that protects U.S. workers? Is it a race to the bottom to stay competitive since proper legislation is not in place? Who will purchase Verizon services if a large segment of the population cannot afford them? If any one has any information or data on the topic please do chime in.

It’s a shame that the American worker, which represents the American middle class and protects democracy, is under such heavy barrage by a corporation that is often praised by Wall Street. Are we giving in to corporate greed by remaining Verizon clients?

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Stands with Phone Company Strikers

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz joined with Verizon strikers picketing outside the Verizon Wireless store on Fordham Road today. 45,000 workers from the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the IBEW are on strike. The strike involves Verizon telephone field technicians, call center workers and cable installers not just in New York, but from Massachusetts to Virginia.

“New York must not become Wisconsin. Tens of thousands of workers are fighting against efforts to take away benefits won over decades. Stripping Verizon workers of their retirement and health care security is unconscionable. Verizon also wants to reduce paid sick leave days, eliminate job security and cut benefits for workers injured on the job. This is happening while Verizon pays its top executive millions of dollars, makes billions of dollars in profits, and continues to out source countless jobs to non-union contractors and low-wage countries,” stated Assemblyman Dinowitz.

“This is another major assault on the middle class in this country. If Verizon is successful in these outrageous efforts it would hurt not only the workers and their families, it would hurt the entire community. Efforts to break unions and tear down the middle class must be fought at every step, and I applaud these hardworking men and women for standing up for their rights and for their families.”


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