Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories which we've rounded up you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter, a community activist whose name most Bronxites know well from KARA's fight against the Kingsbridge Armory redevelopment plan, is considering running against Pedro Espada Jr. for his State Senate seat [BxNN]
BD NOTE: Although we are quite peeved with the outcome, uncertain future, and very certain vacancy of the Kingsbridge Armory redevelopment plan, we'd vote for a ham sandwich over Pedro.
Sen. Diane Savino thinks perhaps Pedro Espada should consider some important ammendments to the bill he's introduced to boot any lawmaker who is convicted of a misdemeanor, such as including those in violation of campaign finance rules, residency laws, etc. [Daily News' Daily Politics]

A profile of the work that's being done along the Bronx River by the environmental group Rocking the Boat [OnEarth.org]

The Silver Fox dishes all this week's juicy Bronx gossip [Daily News]

The Bx12 bus route is among the first in the City to debut what transit officials call 'the bus of the future.' The Nova Bus LFS features three doors, low floors and clean engine technology and will run along the City's Select Bus Service corridors. [2nd Ave. Sagas]

There are a bunch of wild chickens walking the streets of Highbridge...residents say aside from the loud crowing in the morning, they're really quite friendly [Daily News]

There will be a reunion this spring to unite current and former Parkchester residents [Daily News]



Jack said...

I think you will find that Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter is much more than a "ham sandwich". You certainly have your honest disagreements with her over the armory, but her campaign is not a one issue campaign, and she is not a one issue candidate. Just that word -- "honest" -- is significant. Once we have elected Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter to the 33rd Senate District, we constituents will finally have a representative with whom we can have HONEST disagreement. Won't that be refreshing! The BxNN article really lays out quite an impressive candidate -- and it is only the tip of the iceberg. This "ham sandwich" is a Bronx original, with all the works and is well worth voting for!

BronxBomber said...

I agree with Jack, I actually live in the area where Espada "resides". I think it would be great if people from his "community" went against their "neighbhor" and supported the challenger in the media.

Boogiedowner said...

Just a clarification: the BD never equated Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter with a ham sandwich. We simply said that we would vote for almost ANY non-Espada candidate, even if said candidate was a delicious pork product nestled in between two pieces of bread.

Unless another candidate presents her/himself, Ms. Pilgrim Hunter has our vote, despite the fact that the ole BD is generally unhappy with the outcome of the Armory. (I don't want to open up another torrent of heated comments, but there's really no plan for the future of the place. No jobs, no schools [the building has been deemed unsuitable for schools, which many people seem to forget for some reason], etc. Ruben Diaz fleetingly mentioned something about GREEN jobs, but with no teeth, vision, or substance. When called for comment about what the details of the green job plan were, the BD never received a call back from the Beep's office.)

I can say I want a unicorn farm on the site of the Armory, but that doesn't mean one will magically appear, fully financed as stocked with young unicorns to train.