Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories from the past few days which we've rounded up for you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

After years of protest from Bronxites, HBO finally agrees to stop showing 'Hookers at the Point,' an outdated documentary about prostitution in Hunts Point [New York Times]

A real estate round up of properties in each borough of NYC states that with a $500,000 budget in the Bronx, "you may have money to spare." [New York Times]

Councilwoman Marie del Carmen Arroyo seems to be ducking from the spotlight as the City's Department of Investigation and the Manhattan U.S. attorney's office seek to question her with regards to how exactly she's been using taxpayer money [Daily News]

A celebrated poet from Puerto Rico finds himself homeless after a medical crisis; a nonprofit in the Bronx was the only community organization to help him find transitional housing [New York Times]

A City program is teaching young apprentices how to care for trees and their training includes scaling trees in Bronx Park [New York Times]

In closing one vocational high school in the Bronx, the City seems to be making space to bring in a charter school with its own host of serious issues [New York Times]

A profile of a blind doctor who treats about 200 patients a month at Montefiore Medical Center [New York Times]

An editorial looks at the current investigations currently underway involving improper use of member items...both Councilman Larry Seabrook and State Senator Pedro Espada are mentioned [New York Times]

Lincoln Medical Center has successfully decreased the rate of infection among patients who are given a central line; their techniques are now becoming standard protocol at all HHC hospitals [Daily News]

Marlene Cintron is named the new head of the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp. [Daily News]

There will be a public hearing on March 11th regarding Bronx Community College's plans to take space back from University Heights Secondary School, which has been operating on the college campus since 1986 [Daily News]

Bronx parents are not happy to hear that Eva Moskowitz's charter school will be setting up shop in the already overcrowded P.S. 146 in Morrisania [NY1]

More on the "new and improved supermarkets" coming to Norwood and Tremont [Daily News]

3 1/2 years after the City closed the ballfields around Yankee Stadium in order to build the Yanks' new home, the promised replacement parks are nowhere to be seen [Daily News]

This has nothing to do with the Bronx (except for the fact that the writer has to allude to a fictional 'shooting in Brooklyn or the Bronx' in the first paragraph...why the Bronx buddy?), but an interesting read nonetheless - an examination of the media driven frenzy that weather forecasts have become [New York Times]


1 comment:

Guywithacause said...

Good articles, but one comment about the Hookers on the Point. I am not sure why residents of Hunts Point were up in arms about it. This show did not give Hunts point a bad rep, it is the only rep Hunts point has had for decades.

If anyone has been to Hunts point recently, you will note that prostitution, although decreased from the highs of the 90s, is still in full swing, blatant and just on the other side of the highway from the police station. Although I prefer not seeing it on HBO, I don't see why the documentary should not it may not be speaking for Hunts point today, but it does of Hunts point before. Would we not show a documentary about WW2 just because it is over now?

I think Ruben has MUCH better ways to spend his time than to personally go to HBO and demand them to remove this documentary from their lineup. As the simpleton that he is, he missed a PROFOUND opportunity for him and the community to work WITH HBO to UPDATE the documentary to reflect the changes that have occured in the community since the documentary was first created.

How a community filled with prostiution, poverty, and crime, has transformed to a GREEN community that is the incubator for all things green in NYC. Green Rooves, substantial new parks, tree plantings, green housing, urban farming, pedestrian and bike lanes, and of course, the substantial decrease in prostitution. But alas, storming into HBO and making demands like the "victimized", race-baiting simpleton that he is, makes a great headline for himself, but does comparably MUCH LESS for the Hunts Point community than my suggestion. I wonder if HBO will bother with any other (more worthwhile) documentaries about Hunts Point, or the Bronx for that matter now that this buffoon has threatened to sic his usual loud-mouthed, ignorant, "your racist" idiots at HBO unless they pull the plug.

Another win for Rubencito, another loss for Bronx residents. Thanks Ruben!