Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Any Stay-at-Home Dads Willing To Be Interviewed for Bronx Family?

Bronx Family, a great publication that we unfortunately don't get to see enough of because it's currently not online, will feature an article dedicated to dads in their upcoming May issue.

The reporter working on the piece is interested in interviewing a Bronx stay-at-home dad regarding "the joys and challenges of his role-reversal" and whether or not he finds himself constantly combating the outdated stereotype that he's the spouse that should be bringing home the bread. The interview would last a couple of hours...the reporter would like to spend some time with him and the kid(s) to experience a typical afternoon routine.

If you know any Bronx stay-at-home dads who may want to participate, please forward this post along to them...Those interested can simply email us at boogiedowner at, and we'll pass their contact info along to the reporter.


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lucy said...

hi, my husband is a stay at home father and you can reach him at his email address: