Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sluggish Staircase Project

We received the following inquiry from devoted BD reader "S.J." and figured we'd post it to try to get some info...
There is a staircase being rebuilt on the west side of Jerome Ave, just south of 176 street -you can see it from the front of the southbound 4 platform at the 176 street station-
This rebuild has taken over a year and it is still not finished because handrails still need to be put in place.
Is this a city project?
Why does creating a basic multilevel concrete staircase take so long?
Are they going to do the best thing and include a handrail down the center of this wide staircase so no-one has an excuse to use the wrong -left- side of the staircase to go up or down?
My 2¢.
Anyone out there have any knowledge of this project? Why is it taking so darn long?


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