Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pete of Pete's Cafe, R.I.P?

I've heard and read some unsubstantiated rumors that everyone's favorite mustachioed Greek cafe owner has passed away. Pete's, and its towering eponymous Hellenic hero, is a fixture of Fordham culture.
There's a mention here on a Fordham Sports fan message board, which alludes to something in the Ram (Fordham's campus paper), but the Ram is having technical difficulties and has no archive of recently published stories. Here's another mention on a complete stranger's MySpace page. Does anyone have a legitimate source to confirm or deny this very sad news?

If this is true, BoogieDowner's deepest condolences go out to Pete's family and the whole Fordham community. As Fordham alums, we mourn with you.

UPDATE: Big ups to BD reader Jack for finding an obituary dedicated to Pete in Greek Reporter USA. Click here to read the piece. Apparently Pete suffered a fatal heart attack while in his apartment in Sparta. He was only 56 years old.

And more here...a fitting tribute piece for a Fordham legend: New York Times



Anonymous said...

Yes, he did pass away. There was a blurb about it in last week's issue of the Ram and Father Currie mentioned it at 9pm Mass tonight. He was laid to rest over the weekend, I believe.

Jack said...

Based on the last name, the photo and the fact that he lived in the Bronx --I am fairly certain this is "Pete". Very sad.

Kelly H said...

RIP, Pete. Some of my fondest memories were eating at Pete's. The Volleyball team ate there for basically all meals in pre-season my Freshman year, since "the caf" didn't open until school actually started. I remember seeing him and his famous mustache ocassionally.

Fordham Guy said...

Pete will always be remembered as a very friendly Greek man with awesome facial hair. I am saddened that I did not spend more time eating in his Cafe while he was still with us. It was a great place to eat while drunk, hungover, stoned, bored, or just burnt out from classes. Although mostly stoned.
He will be missed by those who knew him, and we who only admired his mustache from afar.
p.s: The Ram blows.