Monday, November 2, 2009

Photo of the Day

Extremely sad turn of events on Bainbridge Avenue's retail strip...
This weekend's five-alarm fire gutted the local fish market,
Dunkin' Donuts, a newly renovated bakery set to re-open today,
along with about 10 other stores and restaurants.

The strip before:The strip after:Photo by ErLu

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Anonymous said...

Deeply saddened by this tragedy... hits so close to home, hell this is our HOME affected by the fire. I may not be a psychic but something tells me this was NO accident. I really feel for the business owners whose every blood, sweat and tear went into labors of love... now all gone. And so close to the holidays? So unfortunate and so not fair at all. Why must the hardworking man (woman) have to lose so much when the wealthy and affluent get away with so little?