Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some Love for Mt. Eden

We recently had the pleasure of hearing from one reader in Mt. Eden who had a bone to pick with the ol' BD: not enough coverage south of Kingsbridge Road.

BD Fan from Mt. Eden, we agree with you wholeheartedly! This particular fan put his money where his mouth is and sent in some fabulous commentary and accompanying photos of his hood, which he believes is on the upswing. Judging from the beautiful photos of Mt. Eden Malls, we may just have to agree with him. Here's what BD Fan from Mt. Eden has to say about his often overlooked hood:

I'd like to thank you for making it your mission to help remove the stigma that has been plaguing the Bronx for long. Please keep it up.
If there's one gripe that I have with your site, however, is that, with the exception of Mott Haven, many neighborhoods south of Kingsbridge Road receive a mention. I'd very much appreciate if you were to give some of the decent West/Central Bronx neighborhoods some attention as well. I presently live in Mt. Eden pkwy by the Bronx Lebanon Hospital and feel that it's a neighborhood that's worth a look.

Though the area is far from perfect (certain side streets are sketchy), it has many redeeming qualities. There is a lot of greenery, an increasing number of working professionals, it's relatively safe, and there's even a farmer's market on Thursdays. Furthermore, a new Pioneer supermarket (with a great variety of foods) just opened up on the Concourse, giving residents of the area even more grocery options. What's more? You also have access to the B/D and 4/5. Simply put, I think this area in an upswing.
And here are some photos BD Fan from Mt. Eden snapped to back his case...

Pretty, huh? It reminds me of the Mosholu Parkway here in Bedford Park. Thanks BD Fan from Mt. Eden!!

Now before all the haters come out from the shadows of the interweb to leave less-than-charitable comments about their perception of Mt. Eden (which no doubt is largely shaped by the media...the same media that ran with "The Bronx is Burning" slogan for over 30 years), let's keep in mind that this is what all Bronx residents should be doing - yelling at us for not featuring their neighborhoods and then telling us what's good about it. No neighborhood is perfect, but everyone has certain things that bring a smile to their face when they're going about their daily business in their hood. So next time, bring a camera with you and snap a pic of whatever you love, then send it into BoogieDowner!



Lennin Reyes said...

Mount Eden is without a shadow of a doubt a hidden jewel. You have a beautiful park mall along Mount Eden Parkway, sitting right across from the towering, but popular Bronx Lebanon Hospital. And how can you forget the great buildings along the Concourse, such as the Lewis Morris building among others. Plus, the B/D trains are at 174th-175th Streets and the 4 train is down the hill at Jerome Av.

Guywithacause said...

I am a longtime Bronx resident, and not a big fan of Mt. Eden overall. However, I will say the pictures are quite nice, and that particular stretch looks downright wonderful. I say keep up the good work, we need desperately need better press about this neighborhood because even the locals have a not so positive view. Nice work..send more info please!

Harri "Indio" Ramkishun said...

Ah, the old stomping grounds! Born and raised on Mt. Eden and the south bound side of the Concourse, 1575, you took it back for me! Yes the neigborhood has had its ups and downs, but always brings joy to the family, memories of the neighbors celebrating holidays together, welcoming home the bunches from school, and the parades up and down the Blvd. in the summers!

Much props to Mt. Eden!
RIP to Zenaida Cruz...a Mt.Eden resident for 40+ years before cancer took her away from us and the block.


Anonymous said...

You're right! This area is not that bad. For the most part, I consider that Grand Concourse to be straightening itself out. I find that the Concourse, for the most part, is improving. From the Gateway mall all the way up till about 167th, it's nice. But then after that it becomes somewhat dirtier until you get to the Bronx Lebanon Hospital, where it becomes nice again, at least in terms of how well the buildings are kept. I could definitely see this area continuing to stabilize in the next couple of years.

Chiara said...

I do not live in Mount Eden, but I've been working on a project about the area for 2 months now, and I've visited multiple times and have come to really like it. One thing I've found is that no one refers to it as Mount Eden (which the city defines as going from Jerome Ave to Webster Ave and 170th to 173rd). But all of you seem to know it as Mount Eden. Maybe I haven't talked to enough people, but is the name Mount Eden common for this area? I WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! feel free to email me with any info on the area you want to share! cma2125@columbia.edu