Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Morris Park Comic Will Open at New York Comedy Festival

I've been meaning to post a linky loo to this New York Times story - it's a fun read.

A comic named Adrienne Iapalucci who, as Bronx Bohemian would put it, was 'bred and buttered' in the Morris Park section of the Bronx (still lives there in fact...) came in first in a nationwide online contest and won the opportunity to open for a headliner at the New York Comedy Festival this week.

Some of the great lines from Corey Kilgannon's Times article are as follows:
  • On living in the Bronx, Adrienne says: "I tell people I live in the Bronx, and they're like, 'Really? Do you ever get shot at?'"
  • On her past stint working at the Bronx DA's office, Adrienne says: "I was a crime victim's advocate, but I quit after a client stole my wallet."
  • After living through a difficult period following the death of her father, Adrienne mentioned suicide to her mother. Adrienne says: "But my mother said, 'Don't do it - I co-signed your student loans.'"
Best of luck at the New York Comedy Festival this week, Adrienne! Make the BoogieDown proud. Hey, try to stay clear of that Tracy Morgan...rumor has it it only takes him two days to get ladies pregnant.


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