Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Pearl and I took a stroll over to the Williamsbridge Oval yesterday morning to hit the playground and learned that more renovations are underway there. The main entrance through the tunnel at Bainbridge Avenue was gated up with the following sign posted:
So, the good news is that even more improvements are coming to the Williamsbridge Oval. The bad news is residents won't be able to use the Rec Center (or the area immediately surrounding it) while the improvements are being made. Me thinks the signage they posted is a bit inaccurate - the whole section of the Oval containing the recreation center appeared to be off-limits due to preparations for construction. Did they mean to say that the renovations would be finished in Spring 2010?

Anyone know exactly what they'll be doing over there? With the brand new turf and playing field having been completed a while ago, I'm surprised they're working on even more improvements within the Oval. We look forward to seeing what the results of these renovations are.

By the way, most of the outdoor space at the Oval is still open and usable. Just the area immediately surrounding the Rec Center is gated off. Note for parents with strollers: with the tunnel entrance being closed, your next best bet is to use the entrance on Reservoir Oval E. near Holt Place. I believe all the other entrances involve stairs of some kind.


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Friends of the Oval said...

Speaking of the Holt Place entrance, the Friends of the Oval will be talking to the Community Board's parks committee on Thursday about the need to improve the pedestrian conditions around that entrance.

229A East 204th Street
Thursday, 11/19 at 6:30 pm