Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lazy Post

I'm feeling pretty lazy on this day before Thanksgiving...

I figured you all might be trying to find ways to pass the day at work, so here's an 8 minute video of some Sarah Palin supporters gathered at her book signing in Columbus, OH.

I'd love to say that I found this on the snarky and intelligent Huffington Post, or, where it was orginally embedded according to, but sadly I must admit I saw it on That's right, apparently I have the mental capacity of a 16 year old teenybopper girl.

Keep your eyes out for the guy in the Pittsburgh Steelers jacket who's interviewed throughout the piece - he's a real winner.



Anonymous said...

Scarier than any horror movie. Psycho's shower scene pales in comparison. Here are dozens of freedom loving, flag waving, patriotic Americans who don't know anything about policies - foreign or domestic - but they love Ms. Moose.

jacob said...

Ironic that the guy doing the interviews is named Whiteside.